Dect Phone System

What Is A Dect Phone?

8 June 2021
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You’ve probably encountered DECT phones and wondered if they are a good option for your business and your team, or simply for your home. But what exactly is a DECT phone, what advantages does it offer, and what should you be aware of when you shop for a solution?

Read on to learn more.

What Is DECT?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. As you might expect from this name, it is a form of telecom that enables communication between different devices without the use of a cord.

Of course, cordless technology has been around for quite some time. It has not always enjoyed the best reputation either, as the earliest iterations of cordless phones tended to provide poor quality connections and a substandard experience for the user. This is because these early models relied on analogue technology to support the connection. DECT utilises digital technology, making the connection far clearer and more reliable.

DECT Phones

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Once upon a time, you had to connect your laptop or desktop computer to a physical landline telephone point and then begin the connection process. Now, you can simply connect any internet-enabled device to a WiFi connection and browse the internet with far more convenience.

DECT does not use a WiFI connection, but it does work in a similar way. Users now do not need to be restricted by the length of their phone cord — they can use the digital connection to make and receive calls from anywhere within the DECT phone’s range. The range of the phone can vary, but typically this will be over 300 feet from the phone’s base or cradle.

This base or cradle also serves as a charging point, so you will need to plug your phone into this point to replenish the battery.

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that this range of 300 feet may not be universal. For example, any objects or surfaces that create obstacles between the cradle and the handset may reduce this range significantly. The flipside of this is if you are using your handset in a wide open space, with no interference, you may be able to increase the usable range of the device.

Advantages of DECT

There are a number of advantages to using a DECT phone — advantages that go beyond the convenience and versatility of the device.

  • DECT phones are energy-efficient, and higher-end models will provide long battery life between charges.
  • As the phones do not use WiFi, there is no danger of interference with other connections.
  • You may be able to use different handsets with the base or cradle, increasing the flexibility of the telecom solution.
  • Digital technology provides a clear and consistent signal, even approaching the limits of the device’s range.

Choosing a DECT Phone: Terms to Be Aware Of

In addition to DECT, there are other acronyms that you may encounter when you compare different phone solutions.

  • FP — This is the Fixed Part, or the base or cradle component
  • PP — Portable Part, or the handset
  • DMAP — The DECT Multimedia Access Profile, securing the DECT phone’s connection
  • DPRS — The DECT Packet Radio Service, the wireless communication service that is compatible with DECT phones
  • GAP — Generic Access Profile, used to facilitate the connection between the cradle and the handset

Get the Right DECT Phone for You

We provide DECT phone solutions for domestic and commercial users so you can achieve secure, crystal clear communication each and every time. Reach out to the experts at Business Telecom and let us know what you need. We can help you find the landline solutions that are just right for your purposes.