Business Planned and Unplanned Outage

What is an outage?

There are 2 types of Outages.
1) PLANNED OUTAGE: This is where services are impacted entirely or partially due to maintenance or upgrades to that service. Planned outages are scheduled with normally a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Planned outages are also given dates and time frames for the outage to occur. The information is a guide only as scheduled times could vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Also, services may not be effected during the planned outage. Business Telecom where made available to them will advise of the planned outage to the relevant contact on your account and advise the service effected, the date and the time period. Business Telecom will also recommend some redundancy options during this downtime.

2) UNPLANNED OUTAGE: This is where services are impacted entirely or partially due to an unforeseen service disruption. Services will be effected and not able to be used or the performance degraded due to this unplanned outage. Some common reasons for Unplanned outages include; Failed links to the providers network; Equipment faulty; Higher than expected congestion on the network; System bugs; Acts of God such as fire, flood and Earthquake.

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Business Telecom Outage Steps

PLANNED OUTAGE: Business Telecom will reach out to any customer who’s services will be impacted due to a planned outage. Business Telecom will email the primary contact on the account to advise the following:

Serviceimpacted 1
Service Impacted
Data and Times the service will be impacted
Redundancy Options

UNPLANNED OUTAGE: Business Telecom will reach out to their customers during an Unplanned Outage. Business Telecom will advise customers of the services effected, the areas effected and any restoration period if made available to them. Business Telecom will also continue to update customers as regular as possible with the status of the Unplanned outage.

Business Telecom will update customer through the following methods:

Social Media Posts
Email Alert To
Primary Contacts
SMS Where Applicable
Live Chat Notification
Website Notifications
And Updates
Telephone System