Nbn Impact

The NBN and its impact on businesses

6 January 2019

The NBN is the biggest infrastructure project in Australian history. Australian businesses should be aware of the different effects that it will have on their bottom line.

Improving online customer experience by reducing load times

A slow loading website can significantly damage your online business model. One study found that 53% of customers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

There are a number of website optimisation strategies that can increase website loading speeds. However, they won’t do much good if the regional Internet connection is sluggish. The NBN will lead to faster Internet connections, which will make customers more satisfied.

Making digital advertising more feasible

Businesses across Australia are investing more money in digital advertising. Google and Facebook ads have a high ROI for many businesses. However, businesses don’t want to pay for digital ads in regions where there are unreliable Internet connections. They might end up paying for ads to be served to their customers that are not even going to be able to access their websites, since their Internet service may be interrupted while clicking the ad.

The NBN ensures that consumers have more reliable Internet connections. This means businesses will get a higher ROI from their digital advertising campaigns.

Reaching a larger base of customers\

Before the NBN was launched, customers needed to pay extra for faster Internet. In rural parts of Australia, however, the Internet was too slow even for affluent customers who could afford to pay a bit extra for their connections. This meant that Australian businesses had difficulty reaching rural customers, and lower income customers in urban areas.

The NBN has made it easier for businesses to reach customers. This should help Australian businesses broaden their customer base considerably.

Giving Brands the Chance to Use More Visually Robust Websites

The number and size of images on a website determine the number of HTTP requests that it needs to make. In regions with fast Internet connections, this could reduce website speeds by a couple of seconds, which could cost visitors. However, the problem was much worse in Australia, since so many people had enough trouble accessing websites already.

If they tried accessing a website in Australia with a lot of online images, then the site could crash completely. This means that many businesses had to cut the number of images from their websites to make sure that they load more quickly.

Since the NBN is leading to faster Internet connections, small businesses will be able to use larger websites with more graphics. This is encouraging, because studies have shown the importance of using images for digital marketing. Google and other search engines are placing more weight on images in their ranking algorithms. Social media marketing strategies also tend to work better when they use a lot of visual elements.

The NBN is a Gift to Australian Businesses

Australian businesses are pleased that the government has finally made the Internet faster. The NBN will lead to better website conversion rates and engagement statistics, which will boost the ROI of their digital marketing campaigns.