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VoIP Advantages And Disadvantages

8 June 2021

Screen Shot 2021 06 08 At 1.44.45 PmVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary technology that allows phone calls to be made through the internet or local area networks. VoIP works by creating digital packets from analog voice signals and then transmitting the created packets over the internet. This technical capability allows for seamless communication between multiple locations in distant countries. While VoIP has many benefits, it is not totally devoid of some challenges. This article will explore the major VoIP advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of VoIP Telephone Services

VoIP phone systems provide many benefits to users. Below are some of the advantages of VoIP.

Cost Savings

One of the main benefits of VoIP is that businesses and individuals stand to save a lot of money when they use VoIP phone systems. The savings can be traced to the technology’s ability to carry data and voice communication on a single network. For instance, a business with a DSL cable connection can enjoy free PC-to-PC calls. Moreover, the company will be able to initiate these calls from locations in different countries or continents.


Businesses need a telephone system with greater flexibility, and that is exactly what they get when they begin using VoIP telephone systems. As long as the user has enough bandwidth, they can vary the frequency and length of their calls. Moreover, users can include multiple phones in the same system to connect all the employees via a secure network.

Businesses with extensive external communication will welcome the increased flexibility because they can now operate with more agility and versatility. The businesses can also respond better to budgetary changes since they can easily change their VoIP subscriptions.


Traditional phone systems can only function from fixed physical locations. These physical restrictions mean that businesses can only make phone calls from certain geographical points. VoIP phone systems remove these restrictions because they don’t need physical call towers. By using the internet to connect phone calls, the VoIP system eliminates any location limitations while decreasing the cost of the phone calls. There is no need to install copper wiring or engage in cumbersome landline phone set-ups.

Cons of VoIP

Despite its many benefits, VoIP presents a few challenges. Here are some of the main disadvantages of VoIP.

It Requires a Stable Internet Connection

Since an internet connection is the backbone of any VoIP system, your VoIP system will only work if you have a stable internet connection. Weak network bandwidths will reduce the quality of calls or even stop the call altogether. Nevertheless, the bandwidth required to run a VoIP service is quite low.

In addition, the VoIP service won’t be effective if it receives high latency during call connections. When the latency is high, the upload speeds begin to lower or become unstable. The situation may become worse as soon as multiple calls start simultaneously using the network and placing a heavy burden on your network. Consequently, you must conduct regular bandwidth tests to determine the number of concurrent calls that your network can support.

Jitter and Latency

After a VoIP message is created, the system breaks the message into small parcels of data called “data packets.” Once the conversion is complete, the service sends the packets to the intended destination where they are then converted back to form the initial message. This process can go on smoothly provided that there are no delays during the transmission process.

The transmission can face several hitches that are commonly referred to as jitter and latency. Jitter and latency manifest when the internet connection is low, although they can still become apparent when internet backbones are selecting the quickest route between the sender and the receiver.

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Bottom Line

The ability to communicate from anywhere is integral to modern business practices. Your business can gain this capability when you acquire a VoIP system from a qualified company. At Business Telecom, we provide high-quality VoIP phone systems for personal and business use. You can reap the advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol — get started by contacting us today.