Getting The Best Landline Deal

November 8, 2017

Getting a good deal on your business landlines can save you money and headaches. This guide should help you make an informed choice so you

How much does a phone system cost?

Wondering how much a new or used phone system will cost you? Of course a lot will depend on your specific requirements so don´t hesitate

Phone Line Connection From MDF

If you have recently connected a new telephone line from TPG, IINET or another internet provider (except Telstra), and found that you have no dial

Optus Landline Plans & Call Rates

Optus have 7 business phone plans on their website which are broken in to 3 sections. We have reviewed their rates and packages in detail

Telstra Landline Phone Plans & Call Rates

Telstra have 2 business phone plans on their website for PSTN business phone lines. We have reviewed their rates and packages in detail and here

PBX – Private Branch Exchange

A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a privately owned miniature version of the equipment located in telephone exchanges. It serves as the medium between

Getting the best phone deal for your office

We’ve all had the phone call, you know the one from a call centre in India asking if we are interested in saving money on

Remove LCR / ARS programming

A few years ago many business phone providers in Australia required a 4 digit override code to be programmed in to the phone system. These

Which provider has the cheapest home phone plan?

If you can cut $100 a month from your fixed monthly expenses thats roughly the equivalent of a $25 a week payrise. Thats $1200 a

Which mobile has the best rural coverage?

Mobile phone reception is a real issue for many Australians who live in or frequently travel to rural areas. Given the size of our continent

Skype, no longer the cheap alternative

Skype used to be a cheap alternative to a fixed line. I personally ordered a local phone number on my Skype account ($60.00 per annum)

Benefits of using the Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX system

Transcript Reduce communication and operating costs with external and internal IP lines. With a Panasonic IP PBX installed at your main office there is no

Compare “SIM only” business mobile phone plans

We have compiled a list of the current (March 2013) business mobile phone plans available from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The cheapest unlimited plan is

All phone systems Panasonic / NEC Australia

Current Models System size Typical usage NEC Pansonic Entry level 2 – 8 ext SL110 TDA30 Small business 4 – 12 ext SV8100 SE NCP500

Small office phone system + NBN

With the roll out of the NBN in Australia there are some exciting developments in small business telephony. Although politicians are still debating the details

Why a maintenance plan for your telephone system?

In our many years of experience supplying telecommunications and office equipment we have found that many companies don’t fully realise the significance of their investment

Panasonic Business Phone Systems – 3 things to consider

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Panasonic Phone Systems for your Business Choosing a phone system is an important decision for your business. You want

To VOIP or not to VOIP?

Choosing Among VoIP Phone Systems VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a way to digitize the analogue audio signal generated by phone calls. In

Choosing the best Office Phone System

Choosing your Office Phone System A phone system is simply a technology for doing business and reaching customers. As such, you want a system that

Understanding Business Phone Plans Options for your Company

When choosing a phone plan for your company the first thing to decide is whether you want to use a VoIP plan or a traditional

How Can Your Business Phone Service Help Meet Your Goals?

Your business is under constant pressure to perform at a high level and satisfy current customers while planning to anticipate and meet future demands. You

Business Telephone System Latest Technologies

The overall trend in recent years has been the switch from landlines to VoIP technology. VoIP phone plans can be substantially cheaper than traditional services,

Upgrading Company Phone Systems: Knowing When to Make the Move

Has your office outgrown its current phone system? Or maybe your small start-up never had a company phone system, but now needs to grow. The biggest

NEC Phone Systems for Your Business

Small and medium-sized businesses have a lot of advantages in today’s market. As a small company owner you have the ability to stay flexible, respond

Ideal Phone Systems for Your Small Office

A phone system is crucial for conducting business and reaching customers. For your small office you need a system that is completely reliable, simple to

5 Ways the NBN Will Affect My Business

Australia currently ranks 26th in a survey of 30 countries for broadband access, but the National Broadband Network (NBN) program is an aggressive plan to

Different NBN Phone Options for Your Business

The new National Broadband Network (NBN) offers two main types of phone service, VOIP and fibre phone. If your business uses a fixed fibre optic

What is the NBN?

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) is a nation-wide program designed to provide a minimum level of broadband services across the entire country. The goal is

What Phone System for Your Small Business Budget

You can now call yourself a business owner. You’ve got your business plan in order and have taken the leap and found the perfect office

Affordable business phone systems

Setting up a phone system isn’t as simple as it used to be. While technology has made things much simpler with advances in mobility and

7 Reasons to Buy a PABX Phone System

PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It is basically a corporate telephone system used to route calls internally within a company from the entrance

Digital vs Analogue Phone System

A phone system in your office is an essential piece of equipment but how do you know which is the best system for you? You

Phone Systems for Your Call Centre

Phone Systems for Your Call Centre An up to date phone system for your call centre is a must in today’s competitive business market. With

What Type of Phone Contract Is Best for My Business?

One of the principal decisions when buying your phone contract for your business is how long should I sign on the dotted line for? While

Ray White: Windsor

I want to just say THANK YOU for sending out your technical support staff … I really appreciate you accelerating this issue. As always a

Mitre 10 Smithfield

“Like many other businesses we are constantly watching our costs and now more than ever as margins get tighter it is important to know your

What Type of Phone Contract Is Best for My Business?

One of the principal decisions when buying your phone contract for your business is how long should I sign on the dotted line for? There

What Type of Phone Contract Is Best for My Business1?

One of the principal decisions when buying your phone contract for your business is how long should I sign on the dotted line for? There

NBN vs Broadband vs Ethernet

Want to put the speed of Australia’s NBN into perspective? Lets compare it with Ethernet and standard broadband speeds. Once you have made up your

MCI Institute: Sydney

We chose Business Telecom because they are reliable and provide friendly efficient services.

Consulting Engineering Solutions: Carringbah

We used to pay over $1000 per month for our landline phones… After speaking to Business Telecom we now pay around $700/mth. Thankyou

Kylie Rose and Associates Law: Murwillumbah South and Tweed Heads QLD

As the business grew we knew we needed to get our telecommunications issues sorted out but were so busy we just did not have the

Security Cameras

Security Camera – How It Can Save Your Business Money Many people these days start up their own business and dream big about being successful.

How the NBN can improve your business

How the NBN can improve your business NBN-Ready Business Phone Systems Did you know that when your business needs to switch over to the NBN

Comparison of Phone Providers

The following chart is a comparison of business phone line service providers in Australia who publish their call rates on their websites. Business Phone Plans. Compare

CAPEX vs. OPEX Expenses in Your Business

What Are CAPEX And OPEX Expenses? Capex or capital expenditure refers to any assets you acquire, that will have a useful life beyond the tax

How Auto-Attendant Can Streamline Your Business

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) intruding enterprise telecommunications systems, a number of technologies are being introduced to help enterprises manage the VoIP calls. The

$20,000 Small Business Deduction

With the 2015 budget announced just this week there were some major changes made to the way in which small businesses earning less than $2

Phone Systems for Businesses

Communication is an integral part of any business. Without good communication skills and the right infrastructure, your business may be highly disadvantaged. One way that

What is NBN?

What Is NBN? NBN stands for National Broadband Network and is Australia’s newest network on the block, for fixed line phone and internet services. Do

Pay by the Month Phone Systems

Every business owner knows how difficult it is to minimize costs within a business, so wherever a cost can be cut the owner will often

10 Ways to Absolutely Slash Business Costs

As a small business owner it is almost always a constant objective to increase profit by bringing in more business. However, many businesses overlook other

5 Clever Ways to Make Your Business More Professional

Most business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the image and appearance of their business to its customers, as well as

NEC Xen Alpha, Master & Axis – Replacement

The NEC Xen is one of the most popular ranges of NEC business phone systems made for sale during the years 1999-2004. These ranges have

NEC Xen Topaz Telephone System – Replacement

NEC’s Zen Topaz system was a great system for the small business that is looking for a reliable phone system to handle day-to-day needs. This system was

NEC XEN IPK II – Replacement

The NEC XEN IPK II was NEC’s flagship phone system from 2006 through until 2008. It has now been replaced with the NEC SV9100 UNIVERGE which

Moving and relocating your office phone system

Moving and relocating office internet and phone systems can be somewhat of a difficult, time consuming task that seemingly never ends. However, at business telecom

Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Phone Systems Online

Phone systems are seen by many as the core communication technology in any business. Although they may all seem like they do the same job,

Panasonic Business Phone Systems that best suit you

Panasonic have been at the forefront in the business telephone industry for over 25 years, manufacturing business phone systems for organisations of all sizes. Over

SL1100 and your Small Business – The perfect match?

Regardless of whether you are a small business, or a multinational corporation, the pace and intensity of business dealings these days is on the rise,

Why a Phone System is vital in real estate

Naturally, a phone systems is beneficial for use in a number of workplaces. Today we are going to look at specific uses particularly in a real

Why a phone system is important for selling online

A phone system is a must if you’re selling a product or service online. Customers or clients will want to contact you for a number

The Benefits of Call Accounting in your Business

Call accounting software allows you to gain a better insight into your incoming and outgoing calls. By having a better understanding of what’s going on

Why Startup Businesses Need a Phone System

Startup businesses take a lot of time, energy and dedication to become a success. A phone system can alleviate some of the pressure by keeping

How the Business Phone System has changed over time

Communication remains as imperative to business today as it has over the years. However, the way we communicate and the technologies have changed and businesses

Should you run your business using only your mobile?

In theory, it’s possible to run a business using only your mobile. You can make calls, send emails, and access a variety of information through

3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Setting Up a New Businesses

Having that amazing, unique idea for your business might initially seem like the hardest part over with. Unfortunately that is normally just one hurdle overcome

Importance of Quality Digital Cameras in the Workplace

Digital video cameras in the workplace protect the company and its employees. It may seem like a large outgoing to begin with but the benefits

The Benefits of Unified Communications in the Medical Industry

As technology continues to evolve healthcare practices are changing for the better, as more options become available allowing smoother communication. Unified Communications (UC) are becoming

The Benefits of Unified Communications in the Legal Industry

Business-grade Unified Communications provides the simplicity of a hosted solution and greater flexibility than on-premise solutions. As the legal profession is heavily reliant on evidence

Why Buying a Refurbished Phone System may not be the best idea

Buying a Refurbished Phone System could save you money at the start. However, when you think about it having future capability it’s likely to cost you

Panasonic TDE600

The Panasonic KX-TDE600 is undoubtedly the complete solution for the larger businesses requiring full customisation and integration. As a default this system provides up to

Panasonic KX-NS1000 V3

Panasonic are among the leaders of the phone systems industry, a company where quality is never compromised or overly expensive. Much like the NS700, the

Panasonic KX-NS700

Panasonic are never short of delivering high quality products at low budget prices, and the KX-NS700 is no different. This phone system was designed with


Designed to fit your unique needs, the UNIVERGE SV9100 platform is a powerful communications solution that provides SMBs with the efficient, easy-to-deploy, mobile technology that

NEC SV9300

The NEC SV 9300 has been designed by NEC to cater for the communications needs of businesses of all sizes, in particular small to medium

NEC SL1100 Small Business Phone System

The SL1100 is the perfect machine for the small business that need the flexibility and core features of the bigger systems without the price tag

NEC SL1100

The SL1100 is the perfect machine for the small business that need the flexibility and core features of the bigger systems without the price tag