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Office Technology Solutions

Office telecommunications shouldn't be complex.

A solid office telecommunications strategy is a must for small and large businesses. For small businesses, it ensures your customers can always reach you no matter where you are. Larger companies need a platform that is both agile and scalable while enabling next-generation collaboration.

In our increasingly global economy, reliable business phone systems are essential. You might be discussing a critical business decision with colleagues at the home office one moment and closing a deal with a client in Tokyo the next. You don’t have time for your business phone system to fail in these moments.

At Business Telecom, we offer platforms and solutions for any business to modernise their communications platforms. Our complete solutions help customers effectively and efficiently communicate with their clients, streamline day-to-day operations, and protect their assets.

Our Solutions

Running a business requires more than just your typical phone line. Business Telecom is ready to revolutionise how you think about office telecommunications, from landlines to mobiles, broadband, and more.

Phone System


A reliable phone system is the most critical piece of your office telecommunications strategy. The right business phone system not only allows you to communicate with your customers but also with your staff as well. We have systems built explicitly for small, medium and large businesses from Cisco, Avaya, and Panasonic, with next-generation communications technologies built right in.

Internet and NBN


Businesses require more than a basic broadband internet connection to remain competitive. Higher bandwidth, speed and near-perfect uptime are all critical. Business Telecom offers business-grade internet services with enhanced speeds and capabilities where the NBN is available.



Not all businesses can “cut the cord.” For these customers, we offer connection fee-free calls charged in 15-second increments and offer packages tailored for local, national, mobile and unlimited calling.



Our jobs have become increasingly mobile – even more so due to the pandemic. The right office telecommunications solution will offer flexibility in where, when, and how you work. With Business Telecom, 4G coverage is available throughout Australia with competitively priced plans for any need.

Printers and Copiers


Documents are digitised nowadays, but your business will still need printers and copiers. We can help you find the best machine for your needs and offer features such as high-speed printing, encrypted security, user-friendliness, mobile connectivity and more.

Security System


A sound office telecommunications system not only enables better communication but can also protect your assets. Our security systems are affordable and offer HD DVR and flawless playback features. These systems integrate with security systems, notifying you when an incident occurs.



We’ve helped our customers meet their office telecommunications needs for years. Our experience guides our team of experts in recommending the best business phone system and solution catered to your business needs.

One call to fix it all


You shouldn’t have to call back repeatedly on the same issue or multiple numbers for different services. You gain a single point of call for all your telecommunications needs, with experts who will work to solve your issue on the first call. If they cannot, your issue is escalated to a team that will work to fix the issue so your day-to-day business can continue.



You are likely paying too much already for your business phone system. There’s no need to shop around any further! We can help you save money immediately with the lowest line rental and call rates of any provider.

Personalised service


When you call Business Telecom, you’re connected with experts based in Australia, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to make every conversation count and minimise disruptions to your business.

Maximise your efficiencies


The right office telecommunications solutions enable you to be more productive and ensure every customer calling in gets the same level of exceptional customer service. And you can integrate your phone system with popular CRMs, helping you to track leads and convert more effectively.

If you need complete business solutions for your new business, or if you're considering upgrading your current setup, contact us today!

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