What Is Inbound Redundancy Service?

With our Inbound Redundancy service, we will create a new number for you. It works like a 1300 or 1800 number. We will then divert your main number to this new Inbound Redundancy service when you need to leave your office. You can have up to 8 mobile phones rings at the same time when calls are diverted.



How long does this take to set up?

2-4 Business Days

Are there any monthly, upfront or ongoing fees?

Yes, there is. Refer to our rate card attached for pricing. Please click on the sign-up form below.

Can we transfer calls between mobiles?

Yes, you can. Once you answer the diverted call, simply press # on your mobile phone then enter the number you want to transfer the call to. Once the other person answers the call, simply press 1 on your mobile to transfer it.

Do I need to download anything on my mobile?

No, you don’t.

What number will show on my mobile phone?

It will show the callers ID on your mobile phone.

Is there a contract term?

No, there is not. We just require 30 days’ notice to cancel the service

Will all mobile phones ring at once?

Yes, they will. We can also have them hop from one to the other

Once you fill in the application and have it signed by an authorised contact, our provision team will receive your form.
On receipt of the signed application, we will set up this Inbound redundancy service for you.
You then just need to contact our office when you want your main number diverted to this service.
Please click below to sign up today.