Nbn Fit Business

Is the NBN fit for Australian businesses?

30 December 2018

Australia has completely revamped its telecom infrastructure, replacing the landline phone and Internet network with the National Broadband Network. This was a necessary change to improve Internet speeds throughout the country because Australia’s broadband is infamous for being one of the slowest in the world. It is currently slower than the Internet in Kenya, despite having a much larger infrastructural budget.

But what does the new infrastructure mean for Australian businesses?

Is the NBN Helping Australian Businesses?

When the NBN was first proposed, many experts believed it would have extremely high bandwidth capabilities. In 2010, one of the CEOs at NBN predicted that it would have a bandwidth of one gigabyte per second by 2020. He also stated that the bandwidth speed would be over 100 MB per second as soon as the NBN and was introduced, with some experts even claiming that bandwidth speeds would exceed one gigabyte per second when the network was first launched. Unfortunately, the Abbott government downgraded these expectations dramatically. The minimum bandwidth is in fact only 25 MB per second.

While the NBN won’t be as fast as experts originally predicted, it will have significant benefits for Australian businesses and should increase Internet speed and reduce disruptions in telephone services. This will make it a lot easier for customers to get in touch with Australian companies as and when they need.

What are the Benefits of the NBN for Australian Businesses?

There are a number of reasons why Australian businesses are likely to benefit from the NBN. If you are a business owner, you need to be aware of the following.

Lower Website Bounce Rate

Your customers need a dependable Internet connection to access your website. Unfortunately, since Internet speeds in Australia have historically been some of the slowest in the world, customers often got cut off from the websites that they were trying to access. The NBN ensures that Internet connections will be faster, so the bounce rates will be lower.

Reaching Customers in More Remote Parts of Australia

Traditionally, the Internet infrastructure in Australia hasn’t been very dependable. However, it has been a lot worse for customers in more rural parts of the country. The NBN is changing this.

People across the country will have an easier time accessing the Internet. This is good for businesses operating in rural communities where people have had trouble accessing their websites. It also helps ecommerce brands that have had poor levels of engagement with customers in these regions.

Offering More Visually Intensive Business Websites

Business websites with a lot of graphics tend to load more slowly. This means that companies usually had to trim the number of images on their website to ensure people could access them. The NBN is making the Internet faster, which means that websites can start using larger images.

The NBN is Benefiting Businesses Across Australia

Many Australian businesses have celebrated the launch of the NBN. It is making Internet speeds much faster, which will help companies across Australia reach customers online. This should boost engagement and improve the ROI of their online marketing strategies.