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Office printers go through a lot of use, no matter what size your business is. Even if you're taking steps to go paperless, you'll have a use for your multifunction printer for years to come. These printers can improve your processes and allow your staff to multitask like they never could before, and we have numerous options to choose from.

Business Telecom Offers Quality Multifunction Printers

We have a top range of printers and copiers that work in small, medium and large businesses. Our office copiers come from well known and reputable brands like Fuji Xerox and OKI. Additionally, our partnership with them ensure that you always get cost-effective maintenance and repair services when you get your multifunction printer from Business Telecom.

Benefits of choosing our office printers include but are not limited to:

Easy to Use Interface

User-Friendly Controls

No matter your technical skills, our office copiers feature a very user-friendly design. The larger buttons and bright screens make it easy to see everything when you use it.

High Speed printing

High-Speed Printing

We understand how important it is to have fast processes in your office, especially during busy days. Our office printers give you high-speed printing, faxing and copying capabilities that can streamline your processes.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

We have security layers in place to make sure that only authorised staff can use your printer, and this can help to control your overall costs.

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile Connectivity

Our office printers come with mobile connectivity that lets you sync your mobile devices to your printer for seamless printing capabilities. Automate Tasks - You can quickly and easily automate your tasks when you

Automate Tasks

Automate Tasks

You can quickly and easily automate your tasks when you program your multifunction printer to suit your needs.

If you want more information about our multifunction printers, you can reach out to our staff today! We're on-hand and ready to help you find the best office printer for your business. We'll tailor your choice based on your business size, needs and budget.

Benefits at a glance

Improved efficiency and productivity.

Confidential documents are protected and remain secure.

Empowering a mobile workforce – professionals don’t need to be in the office in order to share documents.

Advanced print management provides accurate monitoring of printing activity.

Save on printing costs through enhanced electronic capabilities.

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