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Collaboration Re-imagined

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Experience Immersive Engagement With Clients And Co-workers.

One single, unifying app that lets you call, fax, message or meet clients from your single dedicated number.

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Re-direct Quickly And Easily

Easily transfer or redirect a call or interaction directly or via a built-in virtual receptionist to save your time and get the client issue resolved faster.

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Plug And Play Integration Library

Easy, pre-built integrations for your regular systems like Clio and Google Workspace, as well as an open, configurable and secure API for full flexibility.

Customer Communications

Automated Tracking Of Client Interactions

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Full Collation Of All Interactions Enables Easy Collation Of All Billable Minutes

No matter where you are, each interaction is logged and tracked.  This enables instant access for recovery and reporting of all billable hours.

Automated, Real-time Transcriptions

Your own AI stenographer.  Each call or meeting is automatically transcribed and time-stamped to generate accessible records including action items and speaker talk times.

Unlimited Recordings

Unlike many systems, we don’t impose any limits on recordings.  Get detailed post-call summaries delivered straight to your inbox

Just One Of Our Pre-built Integrations

Designed To Go Hand-in-hand With Clio

Not only client information and call notes, but all call logs and associated metadata are synced to Clio in real-time.  You can also call clients directly from Clio by simply clicking on their number.

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Keep Your Confidential Information Secure By Securing ALL Communication

End-to-end Encryption With No Exceptions Ensures Your Data Remains Confidential

All forms of communication from Fax to virtual meetings are fully encrypted in transit and at any point of storage.

Easy To Manage Role-based Access

Configure hybrid groups with shared functions to easily manage security access.  Supports single sign-on, directory syncing and secure filesharing.

Scalable From Small Team To Global Enterprise

Enterprise -grade security is built in. Take advantage of all the benefits without the need for extra infrastructure, staff or specialist skills.

Configurable Data Retention To Suit Your Needs

You get to decide the respective lifespan of different sets of data.  Manage custom profiles for removal, archiving and/or anonymising data.

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Better outcomes for you and your clients

Protect the interests of the firm and clients alike.  Full traceability and operational workflow protects interests whilst streamlining and optimising communications.
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