Business Telecom For Wellness

Collaboration Solutions To Unlock The Ultimate In Wellness And Lifestyle For Your Clients

Enable your workforce with the tools to unlock client potential.  AI enabled platform that supercharges wellness teams.

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A healthier tomorrow starts today

All About Delivering The Ultimate Wellness Experiences

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Experience Immersive Engagement With Clients And Team Members

Context aware automations, workflows, alerts and resources to ensure the best, repeatable care programs are delivered every time.

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Efficiently And Reliably Driving Quality Personalised Care

Enable your team to access AI-assisted resources tailored to that specific client interaction anywhere and anytime. Collaborate with clients and team members easily from a single app no matter where you are.

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Elevate Client Experiences And Outcomes

Improve client wellbeing and engagement with powerful automated workflows throughout their wellness journey. Easily share summaries and action points from sessions. Automate programs with interactive schedules, reminders and follow up appointments.

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Client-centric collaboration solution

Amplify Team Efficiency And Client Health Improvement Simultaneously

The Next Evolution In Wellness Delivery Is Here

Empower clients with the tools and information to manage their own healthcare decisions and to maximise their wellbeing.  Our platform can deliver information and resources in a flexible manner so patients can access past and future care programs anytime, anywhere.

Boost Team Efficiency And Engagement

Our platform provides all the tools and resources to boost productivity today.  Adaptive, coaching and training tools create tailored paths to maximise employee growth and development .  Tedious tasks are automated to alleviate time and frustration stresses.  Staff are empowered and enabled to focus on delivering exceptional client care.

Streamline Follow-ups

Appointment reminders are automatically sent with voicemail drop to save time and get more value from your appointments.

Business Telecom Delivers On The Promise Of Wellness

Easy access to valuable insights enables the ability to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional client care that is operationally sustainable.  Access to performance analysis at any micro or macro level within the organisation is essential to identifying strategies for improving patient satisfaction through better care delivery.


Designed around delivering the ultimate client experience – securely.


Unify and simplify your communications with a single app that handles both your team and client communications in one place.

Streamlined Call Routing

Access customisable IVR workflows and AI enabled smart routing that can quickly and effectively connect clients to the matching care provider.

Modern-workplace Patient Care

Make on-the-go-care a reality with tools that enable healthcare resources and communication without limits on time and location.  Maximise efficiency and client engagement with tools like automated check ins, progress reports and virtual meeting updates.  Full logging means easy control and billing.

AI Safety Net

AI meeting recaps that include synopsis and action items ensure that the important client care details are never missed. Follow up action items are processed in reliable automated workflows.

Real-time Workflow And Topic Prompts.

Automated context-aware popups offer guided workflows, best practices and speaking point topics during client interactions.

Organic Patient CSAT Collation

CSAT measurements are collected in real time during every client interaction using consistent AI driven measurements.

Enable Self Service Efficiency

Free up staff when you enable clients to access self-service options like appointment scheduling to save everyone time.

Modern & Effective Tele-sessions

Conduct reliable HD video healthcare consulting sessions with clients in any location. Clear and uninterrupted sessions that improve on patient engagement and outcomes.

Seamless Integrations

Enable productivity improvements and workflows across your CRM or other systems with plug and play integration APIs.

Discover Valuable Analytical Insights

Comprehensive and configurable reports and dashboards provide clear views on operational efficiency and wellness agent performance.

See Why Wellness Teams Love Business Telecom

Pioneer the new benchmark of client care with Business Telecom

Enable your staff to provide the ultimate client wellness journey. With access to secure, AI powered tools, they are empowered to maximise their efficacy today and beyond.
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