18 May 2023

The Importance of Flexible Work Culture and Digital Tools in Modern Businesses

Flexible working culture has become essential for any successful business, especially after the global pandemic.

To keep up with modern expectations and fulfil employee needs, organisations today are having to support a range of different work arrangements. From remote-working environments to hybrid office scenarios, workplaces are changing. This means finding solutions which enable teams to stay collaborative, even when drastic changes occur.

Businesses can now better equip their staff with digital tools that will enable them to take their work outside of the organisation, without having to think twice.

A Comprehensive, Secure, and User-Friendly Solution for Global Collaboration

Webex Calling is an app that delivers a fully integrated and seamless collaboration experience for users. With enterprise-level calling features, market-leading virtual meetings technology, and messaging capabilities all in one place, Webex makes it easy for teams to stay connected, regardless of location.

With on-premises, cloud, and hybrid support through intelligent audio and video devices, Webex delivers a collaboration experience that is hard to match.

Webex Calling provides everything IT administrators need to manage organisations effectively to keep teams and data secure. With this technology, IT admins are able to provision, onboard, and manage user accounts via the Control Hub, providing a centralised management portal.

Streamlining Business Communications with Cloud-Based Efficiency and Scalability

Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system, designed to provide businesses with a scalable, efficient communication solution.

With advanced integration capabilities, organisations are able to continue using established on-premises PBXs before transitioning to cloud-based services at their own pace. Featuring enhanced call routing it supports redundant routes to on-premises PBX and premises-based PSTN.

This particular feature ensures resiliency in case of a routing failure, whereby it allows users to seamlessly experience high-quality performance.

In all, Webex Calling offers an excellent collaboration experience that helps businesses streamline their communications.

Centralised Management for Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

For organisations looking for secure and efficient ways to manage their team’s collaboration tools, Webex’s Control Hub is an effective solution to this. Offering a unified administration experience, it gives IT admins more of a central view of all your organisation’s Webex services.

IT admins can easily manage services, users, and devices as well as monitor your team’s performance metrics. With the ability to track individual calls, your organisation can track various trends over time and proactively recommend improvements to further improve operations.

Having a more centralised approach provides the visibility and control you need to manage a distributed workforce, ensuring everyone has equal access to the network. With Webex’s Control Hub, you can streamline your administration efforts and focus more on your team’s productivity.

Intelligent Devices and Seamless Integration for Modern Businesses

With Webex, it truly takes an organisation’s collaboration to the next level with its intelligent audio and video conferencing capabilities. Equipped with built-in proximity sensors, users can enjoy a seamless experience.

Paired with the Webex app, desk phones and room systems can be managed and connected with ease, allowing you to move calls between devices as needed. Webex was built with integration in mind, having a wide range of apps, bots, and third-party applications at your fingertips.

Being an open platform, users can take advantage of existing integrations or design their own. So whether you’re a small or large business, Webex is extremely adaptable.

A Flexible and Tailored Approach with Webex Calling

When in the process of transitioning your on-premises calling to the cloud, it can often feel a bit daunting. However, with Webex Calling, the entire process has been streamlined, enabling your organisation to take a flexible approach, ensuring a smooth transition.

Using this cloud-based service, you’ll be able to integrate it with your existing infrastructure; once ready, you can easily plan a full transition. With Webex Calling, you have an opportunity to incrementally migrate your PBXs the cloud, site-by-site, location-by-location, and user-by-user.

By having a flexible approach, you can choose a strategy that best suits the needs of your organisation and enjoy a powerful migration experience.

A Tailored and Supported Webex Solution for Your Business

With Business Telecom, you can expect a stress-free Webex solution that’s tailored to your business’s needs. We have a local support team available 24/7 for any Webex enquiries or technical issues you may run into. Choose Business Telecom as your trusted Webex provider, helping you stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business with Webex.