Are you looking for an advanced and reliable collaboration platform that offers more than just the basics? With Webex, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of a robust feature set and streamlined workflows. Delivered by trusted service provider Cisco––a global leader in innovation––Webex is designed to improve communication, engage employees, accelerate decision-making processes, and drive efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

From messaging capabilities to conducting meetings and calling ––it has it all. In this article, we’ll delve into the features that make Webex a standout platform in comparison to its competitors.


Streamline Your Workflow with Webex Calling: Customisable and Efficient Communication Tools

Webex Calling offers an array of useful call management tools that helps streamline an organisation’s workflow.

From basic features such as hold and transfer to more advanced utilities like merging calls, Sequential Ring and customisation, Webex has earned a reputation of being highly regarded for its excellence.

With a hybrid work environment becoming more apparent in today’s workforce,  users can easily work remotely, collaborate with colleagues or simply stay in touch with networks with ease.

Webex’s features, such as ‘do not disturb’ and the ability to reject no-caller IDs, it can minimise disruptions, only taking calls from trusted parties.

Moreover, Webex’s messaging system is designed with business collaboration in mind. With this feature, users can collaborate in easy-to-use online or offline spaces. To increase efficiency, bots and add-ons have been implemented as a means of self-service to enable users to manage their workflow better. Webex can also handle administrative needs like controlling permissions in the spaces people create and allow for secure collaboration among colleagues both inside and outside the company.

If your organisation needs customisable, efficient communication tools, look no further than Webex Calling.


Unleash Powerful Collaboration with Innovative Features and Flexible Pricing

Webex has innovative features like a meeting assistant, and Slido for real-time Q&A and polling, as well as other integrations such as translation, transcription, immersive sharing, and personalised layouts that can be used seamlessly with Cisco video devices. Additionally, Webex Calling enables secure online meetings with its end-to-end encryption, setting the standard for confidentiality in the industry.

As emerging technologies are being rapidly introduced, Webex is widely recognised as being ahead of the curve with advanced AI, speech, and image recognition. Cisco has recently innovated with its noise removal technology that distinguishes human speech from unwanted noise for enhanced speech quality on both ends of a call, irrespective of the device or environment.

Webex has mastered the meeting and messaging experience and is your complete phone system in the cloud. You can select and mix packages that best suit your needs without being limited to a one-size-fits-all package leading to greater cost savings. By offering a simple pricing system with everything you need to collaborate and more, you can increase your productivity without paying for services you don’t need.


Unrivalled Security and Trust for Seamless Collaboration

Powered by the leading private security firm globally, Webex is a trusted platform that respects user privacy and offers the highest standard of security.

With true end-to-end encryption for all communication, including text messages, user verification, and meetings, it prioritises secure collaboration without the extra cost. Efficient network integration throughout deployment from the devices to the service provider is critical for product success, and with Cisco owning the network, trust and reliability are guaranteed.

By using Webex Calling, you can access an incomparable range of intelligent audio and video devices, enterprise-grade functionality, quality, control, and security which, delivers a complete collaboration experience. You can rest assured that Webex sets the standard for security with true end-to-end encryption, creating a safe platform for all communication.


Get Started Today with Business Telecom and Webex

Webex is an invaluable tool for growing and modernising businesses. It offers users with an extensive suite of features that can support an organisation’s communication needs while fostering better collaboration between staff and customers.

What’s more, is that Webex allows employees to individualise how they master complex skills while blurring the lines of what’s possible geographically. All this amounts to improved efficiency and productivity, making it the smarter choice when it comes to digital communication solutions.

Here at Business Telecom, we understand the importance of having reliable solutions in place that can help take businesses to new heights. That’s why we have a team of experts on standby, ready to provide customised solutions and superior technical support.

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