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VOIP Phone Systems for Small Business

Why Small Business VoIP is Best for Remote Working

October 28, 2021

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. It’s fundamental in every aspect of work. But, how do you communicate effectively when you have to work remotely?

2020 has disrupted the traditional workplace unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, with many businesses having to quickly adopt remote working practices to maintain business continuity.

The challenge is how to ensure seamless communication across your business. The solution? It’s actually pretty simple.

VoIP systems for small business

Thanks to today’s capabilities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies, working and collaborating in remote-friendly environments is not only becoming the norm, it’s ensuring businesses get their communications right.

No matter where your team is spread out, your employees need to be able to communicate in a reliable way. VoIP phones for small businesses is a proven and effective communication tool. Let’s explore why.

Why small business VoIP is best for remote working

No matter where your employees are, they need access to reliable communication. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a must-have communication tool. Instead of traditional analog channels, VoIP uses the internet to transfer data.

Cloud based VoIP solutions for small business is great for remote working because of how it’s setup. Using the cloud, you can easily connect from anywhere—without the need for complicated hardware installation or configuration.

Beyond just voice calls, a VoIP system can be used to collaborate through video conferencing, chat, file sharing, archiving and other functionality. This helps remote teams work together more seamlessly when they can’t be together physically and streamline processes.

The best VoIP for small business is scalable and fast

VoIP phone systems are known as software as a service (SaaS). This means the entire system operates digitally, via a user-friendly dashboard. A cloud telephone system provides onsite connectivity without any expensive equipment or technicians required for installation. And it’s easy to set up, with the help of Business Telecom’s intuitive tools. Our VoIP solutions are very easy to scale to meet your business’s needs, and we can adjust your system quickly to handle an influx of calls or a reduction in volume. 

Go anywhere, work anywhere

Whether it’s working from home, offsite or on the go, VoIP allows you to work wherever you need to be, with access to the same communication tools you would normally have at the office. VoIP systems can also integrate with smartphones so you can stay connected to incoming phone calls and more.

VoIP solutions for small business offers enhanced security

VoIP provides a secure way to communicate and share data. By using a VPN (virtual private network) together with your VoIP solution, you can ensure everything stays within your protected environment, so you don’t have to worry whether an internet source is a secured network.

Make sure every call gets answered

If someone contacts you and the call goes unattended, that’s a lost opportunity. With VoIP phone systems, you don’t have to revert to a voicemail message, the call can be re-routed to someone else or transferred to a different device if you’re on the road, without the customer even knowing. And you won’t miss anything either, with alerts on desktop and mobile devices capturing who is trying to reach you and when.

By providing better customer service, you’ll naturally build a positive brand image for your business and create a seamless customer experience.

How can you set up remote workers on a cloud telephone system?

Making the change to a different phone system may sound like a massive undertaking, but the good news is that setting up a VoIP phone system for your small business is relatively simple and easy.

With a cloud based solution, we can set up your users (whether remote or office based), provide handsets and logins for mobile apps without the need for expensive PBX equipment.

The flexibility of the cloud means your phone system can be configured exactly as required and enhanced as your business grows.

Above all, a VoIP business phone system provides your business with a means to communicate effectively remotely. Particularly as you strive to reassure customers that it’s business as usual, despite what’s going on in the world right now.

Having a future proof communications solution deployed to support your remote working, also means your staff will have more flexibility in how they work in the future when everything returns to normality.

Whether it’s 5 or 50 users, VoIP phone solutions for small businesses provides a strong and reliable platform for remote working.