Internet Solutions made for Business

No matter how big your business, or where you’re located, we have a range of internet and broadband plans that will work hard for your dollar. Our experienced team will advise the networks currently available in your area – NBN, ADSL or Mid Band Ethernet, to help you select the best connection and speed for your business. And with 24/7 Australia-based support when you need it, you can rest assured we’ll always keep you up and running. We offer services to all destination in Australia.

Get Business Internet Plans from Business Telecom

We help you tailor your business internet plans to suit your wants and needs, and this is why we offer a few different options. You can choose from:



  24/1 MBPS



  10/10 MBPS, 20/20 MBPS



  25/5 MBPS, 50/20 MBPS, 100/40 MBPS



  400/400 MBPS, 100/100 MBPS

Each of these choices give you lighting-fast internet speeds that ensures you have more than enough power and speed to work and complete your tasks. We'll help you decide the best connection speed for your business, and we'll also advise you on which options you have available in your area.

Along with enhancing your business Internet's speed, business NBN plans also help to streamline your processes and improve your staff's work flows. They'll be able to quickly and easily access any documents or information they need, download large files and deliver more comprehensive services to your clients.

Our business NBN plans start at 25/5 Mbps and go up to 100/40 Mbps, and we also offer a variety of data package sizes. You can get the smaller 100GB plan if you don't plan to use that much data for a smaller or medium business, and larger businesses can benefit from an unlimited plan.

Maybe you have a remote staff that requires a lot of video calls to keep them on the same page. Business NBN plans ensure that you're able to reach your staff whenever you need, and you can also host virtual board meetings for several parties at once without slowing down or stalling due to slow speeds.

If you need to upgrade to a business NBN plan or if you have questions about our services, get in touch today!


Is NBN available in your area?

Australia’s National Broadband Network will deliver ultrafast, more reliable internet and phone services across Australia – and it’s happening right now.

Whether your area is already switched on, or it’s still on the way, preparing now will ensure your business doesn’t drop off when your existing landline phone and internet services are disconnected.

The NBN rollout will impact everyone, and the change is not automatic, so it’s important that you get on top of it early. We can show you which of your services will be affected and the best plan ahead. With expert advice and a range of flexible and affordable solutions, we can ensure a smooth changeover for your business.


How the NBN will Benefit your Business

Quicker Download and Upload Speeds

Deliver Better Service to Customers

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve Business Efficiencies

New Opportunities

Video Collaboration

Ability to Share Large Files

Easier access to Cloud Based files

Frequently Asked Questions About NBN

NBN stands for National Broadband Network. The NBN is an Australian data network project that comes designed to be open-access and wholesale. NBN includes radio communication and wired components that the NBN Co Limited rolled out. It operates in businesses and residences alike.

Internet service providers called retail service providers (RSPs) under the NBN contract directly with NBN Co Limited to access the network. They then use these contracts to sell fixed Internet access to the end-users. They sell commercial plans and domestic plans to private homes.

No matter if you only need basic Internet access, or you need to have a business-wide digital strategy, you can get NBN Business from Business Telecom. The first thing you have to do is find out which networks are available in your area, including NBN, ADSL or Mid-Band Ethernet. Once you know which ones are available, our staff can help you choose the fastest speed for your business needs.

Choose a plan, and our staff can come out to your business and get your Internet set up quickly and efficiently. You'll be able to reach your in-house and remote staff whenever you need them, and you'll get support from our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll work hard to ensure you always have a reliable connection, no matter where you are in Australia or which network you choose to go with for your business.

There are four large components to the NBN, and they include fixed wireless, satellite, optical fibre and pay TV cable. The NBN works by using islands made of fibre connectivity to deliver a large portion of the data. The fibre connections are fibre to premises (FTTP), fibre to the building (FTTB) and fibre to node (FTTN).

The type of fibre connection you need depends on what you want to do with your system. FTTP is for homes who want up to two phone service providers. FTTB is for businesses or apartment complexes, and FTTN is for a single building or connecting multiple buildings. You use these connections to connect to a service provider to get fast and reliable business Internet.