How To Divert Landline To Mobile

10 May 2021

A landline is a great asset for anchoring your customer service and contact channels to a specific geographic location. However, when you don’t have people in the office, or when there is no one available to take a call, you need a second option in place – something that can provide additional flexibility to your teams without harming the relationships you have with customers and partners.

This is where knowing how to divert phone calls can make all the difference. So, how do you divert calls from landline to mobile in Australia? 

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How to Divert All Calls from Landline to Mobile

If you want to forward all calls received on your landline to a mobile device, you will need to use immediate call forwarding. This can be activated easily with the following steps:

Step 1: Hit this sequence of keys on your landline phone’s keypad.

* 2 1

Step 2: Enter the mobile phone number you want the calls to be forwarded to, and then hit #.

The immediate call forwarding function is now set up. Your landline won’t take any calls while this is in place, as all calls will be re-routed to the selected mobile number.

To switch this function off, hit the following key sequence on the landline.

# 2 1 #

How to Divert Line Busy Calls from Landline to Mobile

You may not want to forward all calls from your landline to a mobile device. Instead, you may simply want to provide a better caller experience by re-routing calls to mobile when the line is busy. Follow these steps to set this up:

Step 1: Key in this sequence on the landline’s keypad.

* 2 4

Step 2: Enter the mobile phone number you wish to forward line busy calls to, and then hit #.

Now, whenever the line is busy, the waiting call will be re-routed to the designated mobile number. You can check whether or not this feature is turned on by keying in:

* # 2 4 #

Listen for the notification that will tell you if the feature is set up or not.

To turn this feature off, simply hit:

# 2 4 #

How to Divert Unanswered Calls from Landline to Mobile

If calls are going unanswered on your landline phone, this represents something of a breakdown in communication. Of course, this is no good at all for your business. Setting up a feature that will forward any calls that go unanswered on your landline to your mobile devices can help to keep communication levels – and business relationships – strong.

Step 1: Enter the following keys via the landline keypad:

* 6 1

Step 2: Key in the mobile phone number you want to forward unanswered calls to, and then press #.

The feature is now implemented and ready to re-route any calls that may otherwise be missed.

To check the status of the unanswered calls forwarding feature, enter the following key sequence:

* # 6 1 # 

Then, wait for an audio notification to let you know whether the feature is turned on or off.

To turn the feature off, hit:

# 6 1 #

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