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How to Check if Your Phone Line Is Active

30 April 2021

Working phone numbers are important to anyone that wants to maintain personal, professional, and business communication. However, failing to connect a call after many tries is frustrating, especially when you can’t identify the problem. Your work will be a lot easier if you know whether you have an active phone line or not.

If you can’t solve the inactive phone issues, you will spend money on irrelevant messaging since some of your clients won’t see your messages or calls. Consequently, you need to know how to check if your phone line is active.

Check for signs of ringing or busy signal

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After you have dialled the number, the phone on the other end will start to ring. When another person is connected to your caller, you will be greeted by a busy signal. The busy signal notification may also be activated if the receiver’s phone is not properly placed on the hook. Similarly, a quick response means that your phone has been blocked and you are unable to reach the other phone.

It is common practice to call the other line after a few minutes. If the busy signal is still there, you can call again after an hour elapses. There is no problem in trying several times before you conclude that something is wrong.

Determine if there’s continuity

The presence of continuity is an indication of touching wires. It may also indicate that something at your premises has been exposed to an electric fire. Continuity comes about when wires come into contact with one another. The touching wires simulate a phone line fault within your phone’s connection system. If the problem is not solved quickly, it will lead to the disconnection of your phone service. In most cases, you will be responsible for repairing the phone wires in your home. You can ask the phone company to dispatch an expert to your home. This may be an additional cost, but it will solve the inactive phone problem.

If the phone company expert cannot solve the issue, you may need to hire the services of an electrician. The contractor will check the entire wiring of your home to identify the fault.

If you choose to do the job by yourself, you will need to test the phone wires independently. You can start with the exterior wiring before moving to other wires. During the testing, you will check whether connectivity challenges exist and if the wiring has something to do with it. You may also have to test the wires that connect the phone jacks. If all of this fails, then you can contact the phone company. You can also tell them how you tried to solve the issue and what you think may be the problem.

Check if the phone company signal is working

The issue could be a phone company signal that is not working properly. In this case, you have to test whether the voltmeter that connects the wires is working. You can also change the measurement of the voltmeter to VDC or volts. Once you have changed the configuration, you can then touch the probes that connect the green, red, and black wires. If the meter shows a voltage reading, you will know that wiring is not the issue. On the other hand, if the meter depicts no reading, the problem is the lack of a signal from the phone company.

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You can disconnect the wires to the phone cord to conduct an assessment. This will disconnect your phone lines, but it will enable you to check if any of the wires are touching or exposed.

If this is not possible, you can contact the phone company directly and ask for the diagnostic report.

Final take

An inactive line can hinder personal and business communication. Fortunately, you can easily tackle this issue when you know how to check if the phone line is active. You can contact us for more information.