More and more businesses are making the switch to remote teams. When location is not a factor, business owners and entrepreneurs can access and employ a wider pool of talented experts, while granting their team the freedom and flexibility they need to shape their own work schedules. At surface level, the concept of remote employees may seem like a dream come true for all parties involved. But, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. For example, how do you go about managing virtual teams? What kinds of software can you use to start managing remote employees effectively? How can your team work together efficiently while maintaining a sense of belonging and culture? Let’s take a look at a few ways to use technology and remote support software to maximise morale and productivity in your remote team.

Hold regular meetings

Even if your employees are scattered across a number of time zones, holding regular meetings is vital. The remote support software market is flooded with VOIP apps that make audio and video conference calls fast and easy. Thanks to the capabilities of business phone systems, working and collaborating remotely is becoming the norm, and it’s ensuring businesses get their communications right.

Try hosting a whole team meeting at least once a week, if possible. Take the time to look at the bigger picture – the long-term, shared goals you’re all striving to achieve – and demonstrate how important each and every team member is to making these a reality. Encourage support and transparency by asking one staff member each week to give a five-minute presentation on what they’ve been working on. More regular meetings can be an effective tool for establishing weekly goals. For example, the marketing team might connect twice a week, on Monday to set goals and on Friday to follow-up. Finally, don’t forget to make time for chit-chat. If someone goes on holiday, let them tell the rest of the team. If someone gets engaged, let everyone congratulate them. These types of interactions boost morale and make a geographically isolated group feel more connected.

Stay organised

Structure is key to any business. Managing staff remotely when teams are spread across the globe can make the proper organisation of tasks and priorities even more difficult. Without stringent procedures in place, your project management can fast spiral into utter chaos. The good news is, managing remote employees is made much easier with project management software, a central hub that your entire team can access. There, you can organise your data, communicate with team members, set deadlines, and break down larger projects into individual tasks.

Ensure employees use a time tracking tool

One of the most effective ways to keep remote team members on track is to implement a time tracking tool. This is an app your employees can use to track their time. This boosts productivity, minimises distraction, and ensures no one is under- or over-paid. What’s more, a time tracking tool gives remote staff a sense of control over their own time. They can decide what tasks to do and when and can review their performance to spot any weak points.

Managing virtual teams with technology

Communication, organisation, and time tracking tools are essential when managing remote employees. Keep your staff in-the-know and on-the-ball to reap the benefits of working remotely.