20 April 2023

As businesses continue to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic, finding new ways to remain connected and productive have become essential. Cloud calling has the ability to empower small businesses to collaborate across multiple platforms as well as allowing customers to reach you across different channels.

Employees can access communication and collaborative tools from anywhere in the world, allowing them to seamlessly work from home or in the office when they need to. Upgrading your business’ current phone systems to cloud calling can provide your team with the opportunity to connect to their colleagues and clients to stay productive.

Cloud technology can unlock your organisation’s full potential, taking communication to new heights. In this article we’ll delve into ways it can transform your business for the better.

Cloud Calling Aligns With A Modern Workforce

In more recent times, organisations have shifted to a hybrid work environment, enabling people to work remotely as well as on-site as needed. Adopting a unifying technology can help businesses connect the workforce, allowing for seamless collaboration and communication between teams.

Cloud calling provides just that, bridging the gap between traditional and modernised calling methods. With an impressive feature set, such as video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging, your business can stay connected no matter where they are.

Cloud Calling Helps Your Business Keep Pace With Innovation

While traditional PBX systems require expensive upgrades when new features are released, cloud calling, in contrast, offers improved upgrades directly to the calling service, ultimately reducing hefty investment costs. These upgrades can be rolled out in real-time, eliminating any associated downtime or disruption of service.

Webex Cloud Calling Providers Offer A Simple Migration Path To Better Service

Cloud calling is a service-based solution. It can be purchased from a dedicated cloud calling provider such as Webex Calling or RingCentral offering a streamlined migration path for existing systems wanting to fully change over to the service. This simplified migration process minimises disruptions associated with various system changes.

Cloud Calling Improves Your Security Profile

One of the main benefits of cloud calling over traditional phone systems is the improved security protocols. Cloud calling offers a range of security features which include encryption, identity management, and the like. With these measures in place, cloud calling ensures your calls are always secure, reducing potential data breaches.

Cloud Calling Controls Costs And Simplifies Management

Businesses can take advantage of reduced calling costs thanks to cloud calling as an affordable alternative. With lower monthly fees, businesses can cut calling costs and overheads drastically. Implementing cloud calling also helps simply management as businesses no longer have to micromanage multiple phone lines, bills and contracts – everything is unified.

Cloud Calling Makes Your Business More Resilient

Businesses that adopt cloud calling become more resilient. By using cloud calling, downtime is almost non-existent. In the case of natural disasters, cloud calling ensures that you can conduct your communication through another channel, so that your business can continue its operations.

In today’s fast-paced environment, cloud calling services are becoming a must-have for all businesses.

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