8 June 2023

In today’s digital age, video conferencing has become one of the most sought-after ways in which businesses communicate.

For small businesses, that need reliable and affordable video conferencing solutions to effectively communicate with their team, partners, and customers. Cisco Webex is one such solution that offers a rich set of features, security, and flexibility to small businesses.

However, configuring Cisco Webex for your small business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not tech savvy. In this blog post, we will guide you on the best Cisco Webex configuration for your small business.

Choose the Right Cisco Webex Plan

Cisco Webex offers a comprehensive set of plans to help you improve ways in which you communicate. As a small business owner, you should choose the right plan based on your budget, team size, and requirements.

Our Starter plan is ideal for small teams of up to 50 participants, while the Plus plan offers more advanced features such as custom branding, up to 1000 participants, and integration with other apps. Take the time to do your research on which plan will be most beneficial for your business.

Set Up Your Webex Account

Once you have selected the right Webex plan, you’ll need to sign up for an account and set it up. You can set up your account by logging into the Webex website, entering your details, and choosing your plan.

Moreover, you can  download the Webex app on your computer or mobile device to access your account.

During this time, you should also add your team members, partners, and customers to your Webex account to invite them to meetings.

Configure Your Webex Meetings

Webex meetings form the centrepiece of the Webex experience.

You can configure your meetings by customising the meeting settings which include audio and video settings, meeting ID, password, and participants’ roles.

Additionally, you can schedule a meeting in advance and send the invite to your team members, partners, and customers.

With Webex Meetings, you can record the session and save it for future reference or share it with others.

Use Webex Teams for Collaborative Work

Webex Teams is a collaboration platform that integrates with Webex meetings. It allows team members to chat, share files, make voice and video calls, and work on projects all in real-time.

As a small business owner, you can create teams and spaces for different projects or departments and invite your team members to join.

Webex Teams can also be integrated with other apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Salesforce to streamline your workflows.

Ensure Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are critical aspects of any video conferencing solution. Cisco Webex offers robust security features such as encryption, identity authentication, and host controls to ensure that your meetings are secure and private. As a business owner, you should educate your team members, partners, and customers on best practices for secure video conferencing such as using strong passwords, not sharing meeting links publicly, and logging out after the meeting.

Maximising Business Productivity with Cisco Webex and Business Telecom’s Advanced Communication Solutions

Cisco Webex is the optimal solution for reliable and efficient video conferencing. Whether you need to set up a remote meeting or organise an online collaboration session, with Webex you will find the perfect tool for users of any size or type.

With its customisable features, easy setup, security and privacy measures, and access to great customer support and resources – Cisco Webex provides critical business tools to help your team succeed.

Business Telecom offers extensive cloud calling services to ensure all your communication needs are met and allows you to experience a seamless transition between your current setup to an advanced technology platform.

Explore how Cisco Webex can help you reach maximum productivity. Contact us at Business Telecom today to find out how we can help you.