Panasonic KX-NS700

Panasonic are never short of delivering high quality products at low budget prices, and the KX-NS700 is no different. This phone system was designed with the best interest of small-medium businesses in mind, hence the ability to add up to 250 users, allowing for more flexible and expanded communication. Jam-packed with features such as mobile phone integration to receive customer calls anywhere, voicemail solution ensuring no call is missed, and call centre solutions for streamlined professional operations, it is no wonder the KX-NS700 has such strong appeal to small-medium businesses.

Modern businesses are highly focused on ways to cost cut and increase their return on investment, with a phone system such as the KX-NS700 this can be made possible. The phone system is highly expandable, meaning you can simply add more users as your business begins to grow, which in turn is saving the business from the cost of having to replace a phone system that otherwise would have been inferior.

IP networking on the KX-NS700 is different to other phone systems. Using a hybrid PBX system, IP and legacy lines both come integrated in order to take advantage of VoIP capabilities, something that has become increasingly popular due to its cost-saving abilities. VoIP allows for the making of calls to remote offices free of charge, simply by taking advantage of Internet protocol and networking.

The Panasonic NS700 is the successor of the KX-NCP TDE 30 and TDE 100 with functionality and built in functions of the NS 1000 it is the perfect system to replace you old Panasonic system with added features for when you need to expand.

Efficiency, especially in communication, is highly important to any business wishing to streamline its operations and keep up with demand. Panasonic have integrated an automatic voice guidance feature into the KX-NS700 that aims to streamline the customer calling process; this is done by a voiceover letting callers know their position in a queue or a rough time estimate as to when their call will be answered. This feature will improve efficiency as well as customer satisfaction, simply by giving callers the information they require to decide whether or not to remain on the line until a phone operator becomes available.

Other features of the Panasonic KX-NS700 Include:

  • Communications Assistant software
  • Call monitoring and call history reports
  • Wireless solutions
  • NBN Ready

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Medium Business

The main unit

Key features include:

  • Smart hybrid PBX system
  • Expand from 6 extensions
  • up to 288 extensions with Expansion Units
  • Message and Music on hold
  • Voip Connectivity
  • NBN Ready

System Specifications:

Max lines in12
Digital ISDN 2 lines in12
SIP lines in4
VoIP Sip lines8
Analogue Extensions8
Remote IP handsets8
DSS consoles8

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