UC One App

Team Collaboration

  • Spaces – Enjoy persistent, dedicated workspaces organized around the people and subjects that make sense for you and how you work.
  • Call, message, meet, share - Do all of it, right from within a specific space.
  • Always on - With persistent spaces, you never lose your content. Search across people, spaces, messages, and files to find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Smart notifications - Customize your alerts and eliminate distraction.
  • Universal search – Easily search across spaces, people, messages, and files.
  • Moderator control – Control who is joining specific spaces. Only you can add people to the space, and you get other privileges like being able to delete people's messages or files.

Mobile Working

  • Any device – UC-One works on PC, Macs, as well as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones so you can be highly productive from anywhere.
  • One phone, multiple purposes – UC-One is ideal for using your personal smartphone for business use. It enables you to use your business identity when calling a customer so you maintain a professional image while keeping your mobile number private.
  • VoIP calling – You can place and receive business calls using VoIP while roaming to avoid high roaming charges.
  • Move calls – Seamlessly pull your active call from your desktop to your mobile and vice versa, without interruptions or disconnects.
  • VoIP handover – UC-One automatically keeps your VoIP calls as you move between data networks, such as from Wi-Fi to LTE.
  • Multiple calls – You can handle two calls at the same time and even merge them into a 3-way conversation.
  • Access to your office – Our mobile app provides you with easy access to your corporate directory and other business applications, keeping you connected when you’re on the go.


  • Virtual meeting room – Everyone with UC-One has their own private and secure online meeting space where teams can participate in HD audio, video, messaging, and screen sharing collaboration. Colleagues and guests can easily join without the hassles of dial-in numbers and passcodes.
  • HD video conferencing – High-definition 1080p at 20fps video increases engagement and minimizes distractions during meetings. Virtual teams can meet as naturally online, as when they’re together in the same room.
  • Screen sharing – Share your entire screen or just a specific app or a document, without additional downloads or separate web collaboration apps. Sharing can be done from your desktop and everyone can view from desktop, tablet, or smartphone. View full screen or zoom in or out for a better viewing.
  • Group chat – During meetings, desktop and mobile participants can chat with one another to increase meeting effectiveness.
  • Guest collaboration – Invite external people to join you in a multimedia collaboration session.

Cloud Calling

  • One number – You publish one business phone number and all your business calls will go to the device of your choice: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi calling – From our mobile app you can place and receive business calls using VoIP and the cellular network using your business phone number.
  • HD video – High-definition video and wideband audio codecs help virtual teams build trust when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.
  • Presence status – UC-One keeps you “in the know” of your colleagues’ availability status (available, busy, away, or on the phone), saving you time and eliminating the guesswork out of communicating.
  • Corporate directory – You can easily access your corporate directory, enabling you to find colleagues within seconds with simple search from any device.
  • Click-to-call from Website - Use your UC-One phone number to receive calls from your company website and deliver better service to your visitors.
  • Dial into a video conference - Join a video conference bridge or Webex® meeting from UC-One using the SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the conference system.


  • Direct and group chat – Exchange messages instantly with a colleague or a team and minimize email overload.
  • File sharing – Share files in as much time as it takes to send a chat. UC-One is compatible with all major file types. Preview files without opening them as well.
  • Universal search - Find what you need by searching across all of your content quickly.
  • History – Available so you never lose track of your chats and all are safely archived.
  • Offline mode – View your messages and listen to your voicemail when you don’t have a data network connection, so you can stay productive at all times.
  • Application integration – While you’re chatting, everything you share in common with a colleague or a group, like emails or files from other business applications, is there at your fingertips. UC-One is pre-integrated with Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce, and other popular applications.