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From inception in 1988, Phoenix Freight Systems has continued to operate with the philosophy of personalising our services to meet the needs of our valued clients. Our decades of experience are evident by our smooth processes and strong team. 
Phoenix Freight Systems is perfectly positioned to assist with all your freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing & distribution needs by remaining flexible in our approach to our client’s requirements. Our strong team is equipped and empowered to provide informative industry knowledge and advice.


  • Relocating to new warehouse/office location
  • Multi-level building & large warehouse space
  • Communication between different departments within new facility, plus paging to warehouse space
  • Visibility & security is critical as the facility must be Australian Customs compliance
  • Ability to be able to see & monitor the Customs Containers located at rear of property by identifying numbers
  • Access control that offers a management system & reporting


  • Panasonic NS700 PABX Telephony solution was installed with total of 16 handsets setup across multiple levels and departments for ease of internal & external communications
  • Horn speakers installed & connected to the phone system allows users to also page warehouse staff
  • Complete provisioning & migration of services to the new location achieved with no downtime
  • High end CCTV solution installed to cover all perimeter points utilizing 8MP cameras, providing the client Remote access application per user
  • As per Customs compliance, 32TB Hard drives installed in the CCTV system to achieve 45 days continues recording
  • A comprehensive BIOMETRIC Access Control system installed though out the premises
    • Biometric still utilized is via Finger Scanners
    • Management software provides complete control of times & date entry



  • Complete communications internally & externally achieved with Panasonic Telephony Solutions
    • Warehouse staff are able to be paged via Paging system in loud environment
  • CCTV High end solution covers all areas required including the Customs containers area at rear of the property & using the Central management software the client is able to confirm which containers are still onsite
    • All bays are covered inside the warehouse and with 8MP cameras, the managers are able to zoom in and see activity in more detail
    • All staff provided with Remote Access application as individual users so that Directors can view/manage logins
  • Correct Access Control provided with different levels achieved
    • With complete management software, full tracking is available
    • Time access & level achieved for different type of employees and drivers
  • Australian Customs Certificate achieved with both products