Whether you’re running a small motel or expanding a large hotel, finding the right hotel phones can mean the difference between a good and bad reputation. In addition to keeping your guests happy, your hotel phone system will streamline employee communications. At Business Telecom, we have hospitality phone system packages to suit organisations of all sizes. Whether you’re considering VoIP hotel phone systems or something else, we’re sure we have a package you’ll benefit from.

The importance of finding the right hotel phone system

In an age where communication is king, having the right hotel phone system is the secret to keeping your guests happy. While many will bring their mobiles to your premises, they may want to use a hotel phone for international calls, or as a reliable means of touching base with home.

Similarly, your employees will depend on smooth communication methods to meet your business’s needs. Whether someone from the kitchen needs to reach a cleaner or the front desk wants to speak to security, installing a smooth-running hospitality phone system makes everyone’s lives easier.

Finally, a sleek system will allow you to enhance basic services. For example, if your guests feel hungry during the night, they’ll love your business even more when they can reach a room service operator without a hitch.

We’ll help you find a hospitality phone system that boosts your appeal

At Business Telecom, we have an abundance of experience in helping our customers find the perfect hospitality phone system for them. Your customer service outcomes are important to us and we understand that smooth communications throughout your business will make achieving excellence simpler. We prize using the latest technologies while ensuring they’re accessible. Using our approach, you can deliver a personal service that’ll enhance your reputation amongst those who stay with you.

Another reason we love to use high-tech solutions is that they help to reduce costs. While directing you towards a hospitality phone system package that’s right for you, we don’t just look at where your business is at right now. Instead, we consider where it’s heading in the future and make our recommendations accordingly.

24/7 local support for your new hotel phone system

No matter where you are in Australia, we’re happy to serve you. To make sure you feel comfortable with using our high-end products, we provide 24/7 local support. Whether you’re getting to grips with the system we’re installing or you’re curious about an upgrade, you can reach out to our local team for advice.

Creating hospitality phone systems with plenty of security

The privacy of your guests and your team is as important to us as it is to you. As such, when we help you choose a hospitality phone system, we’ll provide one that’s extra secure.

We work with major businesses throughout Australia, including First National and LJ Hooker. If you’re ready to join them, get in touch.

VoIP hotel phone systems that meet your business’s needs

At Business Telecom, one of our finest offerings is our VoIP hotel phone systems. Using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can make significant savings that you pass onto your guests. As a team that uses high-end technologies that won’t let you down, we can make sure you don’t lose any of the functionality you can expect with a traditional phone system.

Using VoIP hotel phone systems comes with significant advantages. They include:

  • When there are fewer costs, your guests pay less to make calls.
  • Additionally, it costs less for your employees to communicate with each other.
  • You can access your VoIP hotel phone system remotely, allowing you to manage communications no matter where you are.
  • You can add personal touches to your hotel phone system when you use VoIP. For example, computers greeting guests by name when making automated wake-up calls or when they contact the reception desk.

Using Business Telecom for your hospitality phone system needs

If you want to learn more about how our phone system packages could benefit your hotel, we want to hear from you. At Business Telecom, we create packages that suit businesses ranging from small to large. The aim of each package is to accommodate your needs right now while making room for changes in the future. With our approach, you can access all of your communication needs under one roof, which reduces upfront costs and makes maintenance services simpler.

From the moment you contact us, we’ll start looking for a consultant who understands your hotel’s needs. They’ll then work with you and take your ideas onboard while finding the right package. By combining your desires with their knowledge, you can arrive at the perfect solution for your organisation. With extensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality sector, the team here at Business Telecom understands what makes your business tick.

While we always use high-end technology, we know that keeping your costs low is important. Therefore, we prevent the need for you to shop around by creating the most cost-friendly packages possible. While our packages deliver excellent value, they never compromise on quality. Because of this, you know your employees and guests will benefit from smooth calls.

If you want to know more about our hotel phone system packages, contact us on 1300 721 100.