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Small businesses are exploding in popularity throughout Australia, and Business Telecom has the small business phone system you need to support your growing business. We have an entry-level system that is more than adequate to support your new and growing company.

You can expand our small business phone system to up to 20 different handsets as you need them, and you won't have to sacrifice quality to do so because we only stock quality handsets. Also, we make it easy to expand to up to 40 handsets as your business grows.

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Grow Your Business with Our Customisable Small Business Phone System

Our phone system comes with options available for our small business owners, and they include VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) connectivity. VoIP allows your small business to stay in touch with your clients by using services like Skype. You'll still have a phone number for your business, but this eliminates the need for a landline. In turn, you can cut your costs.

You can also opt in for our voicemail to email capabilities, music and message for holding and more. We also offer flexible monthly rates with a variety of call plans that include local calls, international calls and unlimited calls. Each of these things allows you to personalise how your business interacts with customers, and this can increase your customers' engagement as a whole.

There are several other reasons why you'd choose to use our small business phone system plans. Along with providing a vital link for communication to your business, they can also help you grow your business by:

  • Improving your employees' efficiency

  • Streamlining your call management systems

  • Providing access to the latest and best technology

  • Offering the freedom to choose between hybrid, VoIP and IP solutions

  • Accessing NBN connectivity in the near future

  • Call accounting by recording and screening systems

  • Reliable connectivity and clear communications

All of these parts and pieces can help improve your small business's reputation as a dependable and professional company that is responsive to its customers.

If you're ready to implement or upgrade your phone system, contact us today!

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