Phone Systems For Small Business

With mobile phone ownership increasing in Australia from 11.1 million in 2013 to 15.3 million in 2015, it’s clear that customers have easy access to making instant inquiries. Regardless of what your organisation strives to provide, small business phone systems are essential. With a phone number on your company’s site, looking into phone systems for a small business is vital.

Almost 80-percent of the Australian population uses the Internet. Failing to advertise a phone number on your business’s site could lead to a reduction in lead generation. Add the fact that Google now places a heavier emphasis on local searches to this and it soon becomes clear just how vital small business phone systems are.

Our phone systems for small businesses could enhance your customer engagement, profit, and reputation in some ways. To understand how we’ll guide you through how installing one will benefit your business.

We use VOIP so that you can benefit from phone systems for a small business with lower costs
If the thought of installing a landline and shouldering the costs is holding you back, bear in mind that you can use VOIP. Also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP allows you to use systems similar to Skype to stay in touch with your customers. Your site will still feature a phone number, but you won’t need a landline system.

As we’ve mentioned, Google now prioritises local search results more than ever. For example, if your business is in Perth and someone is searching for one that’s similar in the area, Google is more likely to introduce your site as a result based on your locality and the availability of contact points. Installing a small business phone system means you don’t lose out on customers, but your costs remain low.

Staying in touch with remote employees is simpler
If you’re operating in a small office space and therefore use remote employees, the SL2100 small business phone system makes staying in touch with them simpler. This applies to both you and your customers. Using the system, you can contact employees on their mobiles, or forward customers/clients with relevant inquiries to the employee’s mobile too.

The mobile redirection feature stands to benefit business whose employees spend a lot of time on the road too. With faster means of communication, you can pass messages on quickly, making your operations more efficient and less frustrating.

As your business grows, so can your small business phone system
One of the most significant challenges facing small businesses is marketing. Outdoing larger organisations with greater spending power is challenging. However, when you do succeed and begin attracting more customers and clients, you may need to increase the number of employees.

Our most basic version of the small business package allows you to expand up to 20 phones. However, by chatting to one of our consultants, you can increase this number to 40. The benefits of having more handsets include:

– Your team is more accessible to customers, increasing the likelihood they’ll return
– Urgent queries from clients are less likely to face line blockages
You can ensure handsets are up and running rapidly, allowing you to meet new business challenges as they arise
– You can personalise your branding with music and messages
– No matter what size a business is, there comes a time when you have to place your customers on hold. – – The experience of being placed on hold is more reassuring when they have something to listen to. Why? Because they know someone hasn’t cut them off.

The use of music and messages, while your customers are on hold, enhances your branding in several ways. For example, if you’re running a marketing agency that targets younger consumers, you can choose a music genre accordingly. Or, you can craft a message that introduces new customers to your brand’s tone and mission.

Similarly, hold messages are an excellent means of passive marketing. If you’re introducing a new product or service, incorporating the news into your messages will broaden their exposure. When they reach existing customers, they may act as a compelling call to action.

Make sure you respond to inquiries rapidly with voicemail to email
Around 90% of first-time voicemails remain ignored. With so much else happening in your business, it’s easy for voicemails to fall to the back of your mind. One of the major perks of installing phone systems for small companies is that you significantly reduce the chance of ignoring a voicemail.

In short, voicemail to email allows you to:

– Receive voicemail alerts directly to your inbox, so you don’t miss important messages
– Store voicemail recordings for auditing purposes
– Forward voicemails to your colleagues, so inquiries reach the right person even when they’re busy elsewhere

The above three perks help you respond to customer voicemails promptly. In a world where almost everything is instant, few experiences will turn a customer off more than a slow response. By using voicemail to email, you can beat competitors to the finish line, especially when prospective customers are looking for services elsewhere too.

Avoid loss of custom with less downtime
As a system, the SL2100 has been engineered to minimise downtime and maintenance. With less maintenance comes fewer running costs so that you can invest money elsewhere. More importantly, reducing downtime means less loss of custom.

System downtime leads to dollars lost each minute, which you may struggle to recover if your business is growing on a low budget. With less downtime, you don’t have to worry about a dip in your budget.

Trust isn’t an issue for your customers

Finally, the SL2100 is one of the few small business phone systems that features rigorous security controls. We integrate apps such as InGuard into the system, which means your data and your customers’ data remains safe.

As we live in a world where the threat of cyber hacks is rising, being able to reassure your customers and clients that their voicemails and conversations won’t fall into the wrong hands will boost faith in your brand. When you’re operating a small business and your reputation is developing, enhancing such trust is priceless.

If you would like to learn more about the NEC SL2100 and how it can benefit your small business, click here.