NEC SL2100

The SL2100 is the perfect machine for the small business that need the flexibility and core features of the bigger systems without the price tag or the need for specific and generally expensive add-ons and accessories.

Some features include the ability to utilise VoIP solutions which may assist in reducing carrier costs. With its mobile features, this system is also great if you or your employees are not always in the office. You have the option of using its mobile extension features to communicate with the same ease as though you were located within the same office. These mobile capabilities extend into not just calls but Voicemail and even email.

This system will stay with you as you grow and can support up to 40 handsets meaning you can scale up as your business does. However if you require more than 20 handsets now, we recommend discussing with a Business Telecom professional before making this purchase decision.

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Small Business

The main unit

Key features include:

  • Entry Level System
  • Expandable to 20 Handsets
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Message and Music on hold
  • Voip Connectivity
  • NBN Ready

System Specifications:

Max lines in12
Digital ISDN 2 lines in12
SIP lines in4
VoIP Sip lines8
Analogue Extensions8
Remote IP handsets8
DSS consoles8

For more info download the brochure here.

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