Phone Systems For Medium Sized Businesses

Phone systems for medium businesses act as an essential part of your communication strategy. With a larger company, you’re likely to have more employees, a higher risk of data loss, and an increased urgency for rapid communications. Much like smaller businesses, though, you’re still competing against the big guys. As such, we recommend installing one of the Panasonic phone systems available.

Specifically, our recommended phone system for medium-sized businesses is the Panasonic KX-NS700. As a hybrid communications system, it’s ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses. It’s capable of supporting up to 250, and you can expand it further, if necessary.

To determine whether this Panasonic phone system is for you, it’s worth exploring how it will help you negotiate some of the challenges medium-sized businesses face today.

When you’re short on space, remote working is possible
In addition to supporting up to 250 users, this phone system for medium sized businesses allows you to use VoIP connectivity. With VoIP connectivity, you can communicate with employees who work remotely. Having such integrations is useful for when:

– You suddenly need to increase your number of employees on a temporary basis but require them to work remotely
– Your employees are working away, such as at conferences
– You temporarily need to work with contractors and freelancers who rely on VoIP
– Your business is operating in a city where office rents are high, making remote working essential for some employees
VoIP allows you to communicate with partners and clients worldwide. Unlike when you use a landline-only system, this doesn’t incur extra charges. As such, this Panasonic phone system is cost-effective in more ways than one.

As a business owner or team leader, you can step away from the office comfortably
One of the most oppressive aspects of owning a business is that you feel the need to remain present at all times. As your organisation’s ambassador, you also need to step away from the office to promote your products and services. Fortunately, phone systems for medium businesses address this solution.

You can direct calls to your mobile phone, no matter where you are. As such, you’re able to access employee and client inquiries, even when you’re attending conferences. This feature works to the advantage of teams too. Depending on your business’s niche, receiving office calls via mobile can strengthen communication amongst teams. For example, in the healthcare industry, those who need to visit patients in their homes can receive and make calls via a safe hybrid system without compromising important information.

You can measure performance
Measuring performance is an essential element of any medium business’s marketing strategy. One of the Panasonic KX-NS700’s features is the ability to monitor callers and call handler behaviours. Having this feature allows you to:

Determine which time of year requires more customer interaction and develop your customer service strategy accordingly.
Observe whether your current approach to handling calls is practical for your business and your clients.
Identify on-site problems and address them promptly.
All of the above points allow you to enhance productivity. Through measuring data and analysing problems, you can develop strategies that evolve with your business’s needs.

Building trust with your customers becomes possible
Customers and clients show commitment to brands when they feel as though they can trust them. Factors that affect customer trust include:

– How promptly you address their problems
– Whether your business appears to have a personal edge
– How credible your organisation looks
– Value for money
Two elements of the Panasonic KX-NS700’s system can help with the above issues. The first is the call routing function, which allows you to route customers to a call centre rapidly. Should they have an inquiry about a product or service, they’ll receive the reassurance they need quickly, using a personalised service.

Additionally, you can add hold messages for when nobody is available to talk. Such messages are ideal for when someone calls out of hours, as you can reassure them you’re not ignoring them. Similarly, when they’re struggling to get through, knowing how far into the hold queue they are could help them maximise their personal time and make a decision over whether to call back later.

The Panasonic phone system makes your business accessible
Naturally, not everyone can call to chat with a handler. For those who struggle to hear, using an instant messaging feature makes your business accessible.

Such systems are available via your website, and they allow customers to access support when they’re struggling to hear. Similarly, they meet the expectations of those who don’t wish to speak with a call handler.

You’ll never miss an important message
The Panasonic KX-NS700 allows for 400 hours of voicemail storage. To bolster this, it’ll automatically email you when you lose a call or when someone leaves a voicemail. In addition to stopping you from missing important messages, this results in:

– Being able to develop faster responses to queries, as you can access messages via email
– The ability to forward the voicemail to a relevant team member promptly
– The expansive nature of the storage reduces the risk of accidental message deletions too. It also provides you with the chance to store those that are important, for research and training purposes.

Installing the right phone systems for a medium business can help you thrive. As well as making you more efficient, you’ll enhance your customers’ trust in your brand, and make communication between employees simpler.

If you would like to learn more about the Pansonic KS-NX700 and how it can benefit your medium business, click here.