Phone Systems For Large Businesses

When you’re managing a large business, it’s easy to feel as though IT problems mount rapidly. With the right phone systems for large businesses, your call handling processes don’t have to be problematic. Using our recommended NEC phone systems product, you can expedite call processes and make life simpler for all within your business.

The UNIVERGE SV9100 is an NEC phone system that’s reliable. Additionally, you can adapt it to your business’s needs. As such, if your venture expands, the UNIVERGE SV9100 will grow alongside it with little maintenance.

Whether you’re moving premises or you’re considering a change of phone system for a large business, knowing more about this NEC product will help you determine whether it’s right for your organisation.

You can streamline the way you communicate with employees
Few people exist without a smartphone these days. If you need to talk with employees instantly and ensure your message appears somewhere they’re going to see it; the UNIVERGE SV9100 allows you to send live texts. Such features prove useful when you’re changing meeting times.

On the subject of meetings, this NEC phone system also allows you to hold virtual board meetings. Whether you have a sales team that needs to travel abroad, or you work with companies in different continents, being able to hold a virtual board meeting saves time and money.

Reducing downtime and keeping data secure is easier
NEC has designed the SV9100 so that it has minimal downtime. It outranks most of its competitors on this front, allowing you to maintain even communication throughout your office and minimise the number of times a customer cannot access your call centre.

To bolster this, it also integrates with other software your business may rely on. For example, Salesforce and Outlook. In doing so, it speeds up how quickly your employees operate.
Finally, its IP servers benefit from robust protective mechanisms, allowing you to ensure personal data remains safe. This is particularly important if you intend to record calls for training purposes, as mislaid data can result in fines and a loss of customer confidence.

Enhancing human factors within the workforce
“Human factors” is a handy buzzword that describes the need to communicate and understand each other’s roles at work. By achieving this, appropriate task delegation takes place, and employees have the confidence to make their seniors aware of a bad practice or ongoing issues.

The SV9100 has several features that allow for this:

– You can remote manage call activity in the form of PDF reports
– You can use MyCalls to obtain a live view of caller activity
– The call recording function allows you to avoid litigation and helps you boost employee performance with developmental feedback
– When you and your employees begin to understand each other’s roles and performance, your work becomes more efficient.

Making it simpler to incorporate homeworkers into your workforce
Adding homeworkers to your workforce reduces costs and allows you to hire temporary employees at peak periods when you’re short on office space. The SV9100 helps you cut the costs of workspace and incorporate homeworkers by:

Allowing for the use of desktop phones that provide access to company directories and receive call transfers
Homeworkers can make calls with a USB headset, allowing them to optimise their PC’s usability
Should you need to hold a meeting with them, video conferencing is available
Using real-time collaboration facilities, you can share information with up to 32 participants at once
These features also broaden your prospective workforce. Rather than hiring in your locality only, this phone system for large businesses allows you to reach into the entire Australian workforce pool.

Adding a mobile sales team to your business
Adding a mobile sales team to your business with an NEC phone system helps you reach other areas of Australia. This proves useful when:

– You need employees to attend conferences and tradeshows
– You want to have a sales team on the street
– You’re working a niche area that requires reps who are always on the move. For example, the pharmaceutical industry
The SV9100 allows you to achieve all of this through:

– Mobile extensions that will enable workers to take calls through the same number, whether they’re at their desk or out of the office on their mobile
– Making mobile calls recordable, so you can act on requests as a team when they return to the office
– Automatic callbacks, caller IDs, and call transfers are available via mobiles
– You can use a Bluetooth adapter that allows you to transfer a call from your desktop to your mobile if you need to leave the office at the last minute
With such features, broadening your exposure and reaching more customers and clients is possible. This is particularly useful when you see your large business expanding into new areas.

Thanks to its broad range of features, the SV9100 is an ideal phone system for large businesses. If you have any inquiries or want to know more about its features, click here.