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Are you looking for a phone system that’s sleek, reliable, and safe? At Business Telecom, we’re huge fans of cordless phones. Opting for a cordless phone with a transfer feature allows you to expedite your business activities. When employees don’t have to walk from one room to the other, they save precious moments. Your cordless office phone system will also make life smoother when you’re running a business in a busy environment. Also, by choosing a cordless desk phone for your office, you open yourself and your business up to a world of high-tech advantages.

No matter what type of business you’re running, creating a professional image is everything. While corded phones aren’t dying their death just yet, they don’t quite deliver the same degree of modernity as their cordless counterparts. When you’re keen to impress visitors, other businesses, and clients, ditching your cords and achieving a contemporary look is worthwhile. Alongside looking neater, they also work with cost-saving and high-end technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Bluetooth.

At Business Telecom, we dedicate ourselves to making sure our customers aren’t operating their businesses with outdated technology. While working hard to ensure we secure savings that you can benefit from, we create highly efficient packages for small, medium, and large businesses. The cordless phones we work with form a part of those packages. By coming to us for a one-size-fits-all solution, you can save money on the cost of line rental, installation, upkeep, and more.

The benefits of choosing a Cordless Phone with transfer features

Whether you’re running a busy hotel or a thriving financial floor, trying to maintain order in a manic setting is rarely easy. While a cordless phone with transfer features may seem like a small commodity, it actually goes a long way towards creating a calmer atmosphere. For example:

  • If a customer or client connects to the wrong department, a cordless phone with transfer features allows      your employees to connect them to the right one.
  • Because of the above, you can deliver excellent customer service. Customers spend less time waiting,      keeping them happy.
  • By reducing the amount of time your employees spend walking between departments when somebody      makes the wrong connection, you allow them to remain productive elsewhere.

The benefits of choosing a cordless phone with transfer features

Investing in a Cordless Phone with transfer features makes it easier to multitask

If your working environment requires your office workers to balance lots of responsibilities, they may find themselves multitasking. Few experiences are more distracting than having to walk from one desk to another so they can find the person that the caller wants to contact. Most cordless phones with transfer features also come with the following technologies that make life simpler:

  • You can place the caller on hold, allowing you to have a private discussion with another employee.
  • Professional add-ons, such as hold music, allow your customers and clients to remain in the background while knowing they’re still on the line.
  • Instead of hold music, you can create promotional or informational messages that broaden knowledge about your business and the services you provide.

Being able to multitask isn’t just beneficial for your workers. Depending on the business you’re running, it can benefit your customers too. For example, if you’re managing a hotel, guests may enjoy the freedom that comes with a cordless phone more than attaching themselves to a device. As a result, you’re generating the type of experience they’re happy to pay for again and again.

Transferring calls between departments becomes more professional

When clients and customers choose your business, they do so for a number of reasons. In addition to the services you provide, they want to know they’re getting the most professional experience possible for their money. With a cordless phone that transfers seamlessly, you can demonstrate just how professional your business operations are. As your customers and clients sit at the other end of the phone, they’ll feel confident that they’re spending their money wisely.

A Cordless Office Phone System opens you to a dazzling world of new technologies

While there was once a time when people steered away from a cordless office phone system due to concerns about batteries, today technology has overcome that problem. Depending on the cordless office phone system you choose, you may benefit from up to 60 hours of charge time. In addition, the team here at Business Telecom only selects the simplest devices as part of your packages. For example, phones that charge while they’re in their dock make life simpler as you don’t have to think about replenishing their battery life.

Sleek features such as caller ID and unique ringtones

Would you like to respond to each call appropriately, starting from the moment you pick it up? At Business Telecom, we make it our mission to include the latest technologies as a part of your business phone packages.

One such feature is clear displays that show the caller ID. In addition to identifying where a call is coming from, you can save the names of those who are the most important to your business. As a result, you can use the following techniques to impress them when you pick up the phone:

A cordless office phone system opens you to a dazzling world of new technologies
  • If you’re aware they’re contacting the wrong department, you can transfer their call to the right person, saving time for both of you.
  • Once you have a caller’s name, you can greet them as such, giving them a personalised experience every time they contact you.
  • By connecting your cordless phone system with the data on your customer database, you can fine-tune the way you respond to each person.

One of the slicker features you can employ is setting ringtones for different types of customers. When it comes to those who are big spenders or VIPs, identifying them from the moment the phone makes a sound allows you to deliver excellent customer service immediately. While it’s important to treasure all of your customers, retaining those who have the biggest impact on your organisation is especially crucial.

A Cordless Office Phone System allows you to create a modern and professional look

Although looks aren’t everything, first impressions always count. Whether you’re trying to attract new talent to your business, you work in a customer-facing setting, or you’re due to show a client around, having a modern appearance goes a long way. When you free yourself from the restraints of cords, your office looks tidier. Additionally, cordless phones are smaller than ever, giving your office a contemporary edge that assures customers and clients that you’re up-to-date with the latest technologies.

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Why choose Business Telecom for your Cordless Phones?

At Business Telecom, we work with businesses throughout Australia. Our primary services include creating phone packages for small, medium, and large businesses. As experts in the communications industry, we understand that your business’s needs may differ to the office down the road from you. Thus, we create packages based on a combination of what you feel is best and our industry insider knowledge.

Cordless desk phones act as an integral part of many of our packages. While using the latest technologies, we generate savings that we pass onto you, our client. When you first reach out to us, we’ll take note of what your requirements are before assigning a consultant. From there, they will look into your communication needs further. Whether you’re relocating or revamping, there’s no installation project that’s too big or too small for us.

All of your cordless office phone needs under one roof

Our phone system packages will transform the way your office operates forever. With the aim of making you work smarter, not harder, they’ll save time for your employees, allowing them to become more efficient elsewhere. To ensure you see the benefits from the moment we install your system, we’ll provide you with expert guidance. As time goes on, you can continue to access our 24/7 support network, which is local to you.

If you’re the type of business owner who loves to shop around, now’s the point at which you can stop. At Business Telecom, we automatically create the most cost-effective phone packages for your business. Because of our efforts, you don’t need to bounce between providers in an attempt to determine whether you have the best quote.

By combining cost-effective systems, excellent technology, and great customer service at our end, we make it easier for you to do business. Communication is an overriding factor in any professional environment. When you let us create the right phone package, you too will deliver great customer service with little effort.

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