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Business phone systems ensure that you have a reliable and effective way to communicate with your staff, clients, vendors and business associates. At Business Telecom, we offer the latest telephone systems for offices of all sizes. We take great pride in tailoring our office phone systems to suit our clients' wants and needs.

Whether you're setting up a new office that needs to find a phone system or if you've outgrown your current office comminications setup and you need one with higher capabilities, we can help. We balance price and quality to make sure you don't have to sacrifice either when you choose to have our office telephone systems installed.

Office Phone Systems for Every Business

Communication with customers, clients, and suppliers is an essential aspect of any business, so it’s important to choose your office phone system carefully. Businesses now have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing their phone systems; including on-premise, Hosted phone systems or virtual connections. Also, knowing which lines to choose from could be daunting. The choice could determine the quality of service. Meaning you have to ask yourself what’s important; Price, Quality or both; The lines that are available are; PSTN, ISDN, SIP private or SIP OTT (over the top an internet or public).

Whether you’ve outgrown your current phone system or you’re looking to upgrade your technology, we can help you to choose the right system for your business now, and make sure it’s easily scalable for the future and quality is never compromised.

Our experienced consultants can help explain the features and benefits of the various types of phone systems to help you choose technologies that will work for all areas of your business.

To find out more about the right system for you, take a look at our flexible monthly call plans and rates, or get in touch with us for expert advice.


The Latest Phone System Technology

We partner with NEC and Panasonic to offer you the best quality and latest technology, with a range of NBN ready phone systems. When you choose us to provide communication solutions for your business, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager, so help is never far away, whether you’re in the early planning stages or already up and running.

Our phone systems offer:

A better customer experiences
A better customer experiences
Improved employee efficiency
Improved employee efficiency
Streamlined call management systems
Streamlined call management systems
Additional phone lines
Additional phone lines
VoIP, IP, and Hybrid solutions
VoIP, IP, and Hybrid solutions
The latest innovative technology
The latest innovative technology
Future-proof NBN connections
Future-proof NBN connections
Reliable connections
Reliable connections
all Accounting
Call Accounting
Advice, service, and ongoing support
Advice, service, and ongoing support

When choosing an integrated office phone system for your business, there are many different considerations to be made. As well as features, capacity, and cost, it’s also important to choose a solution that will be scalable and can be updated in the future to take advantage of the latest technologies. To find out more about the right system for you, take a look at our flexible monthly call plans and rates, or get in touch with us for expert advice.

Guaranteed inclusive features when upgrading your Phone System

Unlimited Calls
Voicemail to Email
Automated Receptionist
Music on Hold
Fax to Email
Call Forward
Call Transfer
Call Park

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Phone Systems

We will happily answer questions from our clients and potential customers, but also provide these FAQs and answers as a convenience.

The term "business phone system" means much more than it did even a generation ago. Today you can obtain hundreds of different types of business phone systems with a wide variety of features and options tailored to your needs.

Some digital age features that businesses find necessary include:

  • Call forwarding to mobile devices
  • Streamline call management systems
  • Additional phone lines
  • VoIP, IP, and hybrid options
  • Automated phone answering services and much more

Discuss your business phone needs with your Business Telecom representative today.

The best business phone system is the one that fits your needs and meets your budget. Small businesses especially need right-sized systems to serve their needs. Paying for too many capabilities can have a drastic effect on the bottom line.

Your Business Telecom representative can help you determine exactly what capabilities you need at the best price available.

With Business Telecom, you have the option to choose from three different phone systems. Each type is designed to best fit specific sizes of businesses.

The small business plan offers between two and 20 headsets along with a range of available features.

For medium-sized businesses, we up to 30 headsets as well as a number of features appropriate for the size and scope of your business.

Large businesses can access as many as 200 headsets, along with specific options that fit the needs of an organisation with wide range and reach. This includes a selection of services for businesses with multiple branches.

Reach out today to learn more specific details about each plan.