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Being able to communicate with other branches of your business and clients is probably central to your success. In a world where business operations often cross borders, finding a clear mode of communication is essential. At Business Telecom, we’re here to help you find a conference phone system that will streamline your organisation’s multi-site meetings. Finding the best speakerphone for conference calls can often feel like a daunting process, especially when you’re not sure which is the best line for your business. Fortunately, we’re here to help you select the best VOIP conference phone, allowing you to streamline meetings and accelerate the success of your business operations.

The Secret to Choosing a Conference Phone System

Each year, hundreds of Australian businesses depend on high-quality conferences. While some will take place in person, logistics often mean that many require the participation of individuals across multiple sites. Reasons for multi-site conferences can include working with other businesses abroad, having multiple office locations across Australia, and employees being away at meetings.

Whatever your reasons for hosting a multi-site meeting, you need to choose a conference phone system that works for your business. Multiple factors go into finding the right one, including:

  • The size of the room
  • How well audio projects across it
  • Power sources
  • The type of connection you use
  • Whether you need to record the call or not

The Secret to Choosing a Conference Phone System

Business Telecom makes finding a conference phone system simpler

At Business Telecom, we help business owners throughout Australia find the right conference phone system for their meetings. Whether you’re yet to conduct conference calls or you know the technology you’re using is outdated, we have the expertise you require to streamline your communications. Our passion for propelling your success means we’ll install a conference phone system that never compromises call quality, allowing you to maintain professionalism at all times.

Although we’re the experts in our industry, we know that your input is valuable too. As such, we won’t just tell you which system you must install. Throughout the consultation process, we take your ideas and expectations onboard. Once we arrive at a decision through mutual agreement, we’ll install your phone system promptly.

What is the best speakerphone for conference calls?

Finding the best speakerphone might seem like a technological minefield. But, when you harness our expertise, you can navigate the options out there and arrive at one that complements the technologies you’re currently using.

Thanks to booms in modern technology, it’s possible to find a conference speakerphone that matches your mode of calling and the connection you use. For example, if you depend on a VOIP system such as Skype, there’s a speaker out there that will work for you. Similarly, some speakerphones work better with large participant numbers than others, which means it’s pragmatic to choose one.

While the features you might want to look out for can seem endless, here are some of the key ones we at Business Telecom keep at the forefront of our minds:

  • Clear and loud audio projection that ensures you and your employees don’t miss a single sound. With crisp       projection, you’ll have an easier time hearing and conveying messages.
  • Speakers that filter unnecessary noise will also benefit any note takers present at your meeting. For       example, sounds such as traffic and individuals entering the room shouldn’t dominate what you’re hearing.
  • If you need to see the people you’re conversing with, finding a clear video link system is also essential. Said       video link should work effortlessly with the speakerphone you purchase.

At Business Telecom, we provide a range of phone system packages for small, medium, and large businesses. You can choose your package according to the number of phones you’ll require, expansion units, and more. If you come to us for your conference phone needs, we can direct you towards a package that’ll take the stress out of everyday multi-site meetings.

In addition to making sure you receive a system that works, we will reduce your costs in the long term. For your peace of mind, we also provide 24/7 local experts throughout Australia. As a result, you know you can access the opinions of an expert no matter what day or time it is, should you need further guidance with your installation.

Specifically built for your business meetings & conferences; we can help you get started with our range of Konftel 200 & 300 model phones. The latest Konftel conference phones are built for meetings of 20 or more. Integrating phone systems into your business that are specifically configured for conferences help make your meetings smarter; features of the Konftel 300 series include.

Record meetings on a memory card

Multiple connectivity options (analogue, SIP, computer, wireless DECT & mobile).

Conference guide that helps you make multi party calls & store conference groups.

Phonebook on the system stores contacts.

In addition to Konftel conference phone systems, we also offer the Polcyom SoundStation range of conference phone solutions. Some of the conference specific features of the Polycom range include:

  • Resists interference from mobile phones
  • Optional extension microphones that expand coverage for larger conference rooms
  • Connects to mobile phones & PCs

If conferencing is one of the integral ways in which your business communicates internally & with clients or customers, than investing in one of our purpose built conference phones is the smartest choice you can make when choosing a business phone system for your company.

Finding the best VOIP conference phone for your business

Choosing the best VOIP conference phone for your business doesn’t just mean considering everything we listed above. You may also want to look at high-tech features, such as Bluetooth. By increasing the portability of your VOIP conference phone, Bluetooth and wireless will make your meetings flexible and comfortable.

At Business Telecom, we have the expertise you require to choose the best VOIP conference phone for the environment you’re working in. Factors such as the number of participants and the shape of the room will influence the products we direct you towards. When we find the right fit, we ensure you benefit from the clear projection your office needs. As a result, each conference call you host will convey a professional image, giving you the chance to impress clients and other businesses.

In addition to featuring VoIP packages that work for small businesses, we create them for medium and large organisations. If you anticipate that your business will grow, you can return to us for updates and expansion packs.

Choosing Business Telecom for all of your conference phone system needs After making your initial inquiry with the Business Telecom team, we’ll direct you towards a professional consultant who has relevant experience. With a few discussions, they’ll help you decide which type of technology suits your business the best. Each of our packages acts as an all-encompassing business solution, which we hope will bolster your current IT and communications efforts.

From phone systems through to Internet-based security cameras, we have everything you need in one place. While helping you choose a package, we don’t just look at what’s best for you right now. Instead, we focus on how your business is set to grow, giving you the chance to invest in one that’s right for your future too.

To ensure your new phone system is easy to use, we can incorporate the following features:

  • Recording systems that allow you to capture the audio from your conference call to review later
  • Hold music and messages
  • Multiple phones for you and your employees to use
  • Expansion packs that build on the usability of your phones
  • VoIP connectivity to suit small, medium, and large businesses

While helping you find the right package, we’ll always strike a balance between cost and quality. We want to make sure you get more for your money while finding a solution that’s worthy of your business activities.

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