How the NBN can improve your business

November 8, 2017

How the NBN can improve your business

NBN-Ready Business Phone Systems

Did you know that when your business needs to switch over to the NBN you’ll need an NBN-Ready Business Phone System?  Here’s how the NBN can improve your business:

Improved relationships means easier business

Fast, reliable broadband brings video conferencing to life. Meet with customers, suppliers and colleagues, regardless of location, face to face without even leaving your desk, saving time consuming and costly travel.

Documents accessible anywhere anytime

The cloud is realised with access to high-speed broadband. With access to customers, suppliers, staff and information at home as well as in the office, on any connected device, you have the freedom to work smarter.

Being remote is no longer an issue

Fast internet can improve the online experience for your customers, remove geographic barriers and as we connect more homes in Australia, grow your potential local market too. With online stores, there are no longer geographic barriers to trade

Work from anywhere, anytime

Widespread availability of fast, reliable broadband could allow more flexible working, the ability to open up new employment opportunities, including those in more remote locations.

Opening up new markets and opportunities

The NBN provides potential to sell new products and services, exploit new channels to market and to offer services globally. It could provide the opportunity to improve operational efficiency and change the way you do business in the future.

Celebrating collaboration

Bring together the best possible team regardless of location and when team members are away from the office they can still be connected to the project. The ability to share resources, meet and work together could help drive team productivity too.

Check when the NBN is in your area

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s new network for fixed line phone and internet services. It aims to give your business access to fast, reliable and affordable services from a range of providers.

It’s important to check when the NBN is coming to your area to ensure your business has the smallest amount of impact and there is no down time between the switchover. Use our NBN rollout map below to see when/if your area is eligible.